Sunday, July 26, 2009

Northwest Riders' Brandon Robbins Miracle Man

A dear friend of Malibu Boats was injured in a motorcycle accident on the 4th of July. Brandon Robbins, a Northwest Riders and Malibu through and through, was seriously injured earlier this month and Malibu Family has been praying for his recovery. Well those prays are being answered.

Brnadon's close friend Zack Clark has been keeping us all updated on Brandon's progress. Zack posted the Miracle Man article on the blog the day he went to see Brandon for the first time since the accident.

He was super alert and his attitude was amazing. Positive, smiling and laughing at times, and the same old B-Rob we know and love. He may even be released much sooner than expected. That’s not to say he doesn't still have a long recovery ahead…but knowing him he will turn long into much shorter than expected. Brandon did end up having his right foot amputated. This means he has some learning coming up with a new prosthetic. I know he will be back on the water and the mountain in no time as he told me just that! Please keep praying for his healing and recovery.

Brandon will have medical costs through out his recovery process and Malibu Boats Dealer Bakes Marine has setup a donation fund to help. If you would like to donate to the fund, please visit

Please keep praying for Brandon's continued healing.

Malibu boats is pulling for you, Brandon! Take care!

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