Thursday, December 20, 2012

Regina Jaquess Named Athlete Of The Year

Regina Jaquess has been selected as USA Water Ski’s 2012 Female Athlete of the Year. The U.S. Pan American Championships Water Ski Teams earned USA Water Ski’s 2012 Team of the Year honors, while Jeff Surdej, the coach, was selected USA Water Ski’s National Coach of the Year. The USA Water Ski Awards Committee selected the award winners.
USA Water Ski and its respective sport disciplines will honor several athletes, coaches, volunteers and ambassadors at its annual awards reception on Saturday, Jan. 26 at the Lake Eva Banquet Hall in Haines City, Fla. The reception, which celebrates the 2012 water ski season, will be held in conjunction with USA Water Ski’s mid-winter board meetings for the 13th consecutive year. The respective award winners were selected either by the USA Water Ski Awards Committee or by the sport discipline’s organization. Mark Jackson and Hank Longo from Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing will serve as the masters of ceremonies. The awards reception is open to the public. Contact Sandy Hardee at for information on pricing and availability.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hunter Henderson: Malibu Junior Team Rider

Ten-year-old Hunter Henderson has been making a huge impact on the Junior Boys Tour, highlighted by his first place finish at the 2012 WWA Nationals. This Tega Cay, South Carolina ripper is the current INT State Champion and loves to ride at home behind his WAKESETTER 247 LSV. Hunter also spends a lot of time in Orlando riding and improving his skills with fellow team riders Cobe and Tarah Mikacich at Freedom Wake Park.
Hunter brings a lifetime of experience on the water and will be shredding for many years to come. When he was six weeks old, he started experiencing the life of boating and being on the water. At age two, he was skiing on trainer skis and at age three, he started wakeboarding behind a PWC. These days, Hunter has also taken to wakesurfing and is totally psyched on Malibu’s new SURF GATE innovation. Off the water, you will find him skateboarding, riding his four-wheeler or practicing mixed martial arts.

Follow Hunter’s latest activities at HUNTERHENDERSON.NET

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Raph Derome and Amber Wing Win Alliance Riders Of The Year

Malibu would like to congratulate Raph Derome and Amber Wing for winning Alliance Wakeboard’s 2012 Rider Of The Year awards in both the male and female categories.
Raph’s season was highlighted with his overall title at the Red Bull Wake Open, as well as several mind-blowing web video releases. He also dominated on the international circuit and his meteoric rise was nothing short of amazing. “I’m really honored to be chosen by Alliance as their ROTY. To be put in the same group as riders like Danny Harf, Randall Harris, Parks Bonifay, Ben Greenwood, Chris O’Shea and more is really crazy. I’m really happy I got to come back this year on the water and I’m now slowly looking forward to next season.”
Check out more, including Raph’s 10-page feature in the current, Dec/Jan 2013 issue of Alliance Wakeboard.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inside Will Asher’s New World Record Tie

All photos: Thomas Gustafson
Excerpt from Todd Ristorcelli at WATERSKI Magazine
The most competitive round of men’s slalom is officially in the record books. For the first time in the history of the sport, three men have rounded all six buoys at 41 off in a single tournament round. Swiss Nation 2, one of the last events of 2012, was held at Swiss Ski School in Clermont, Florida, on Nov. 11, and Will Asher became the second man in the world to run 2 at 43 off, setting a pending jointly held world slalom record. “I had a great start at 43, my best ever,” Asher says. “I finally got the ski on edge long enough to have some time to finish 1; then I laid the hammer to get to 2.”
That stellar performance was the second time this season that Asher has tied Chris Parrish’s world record, although his first experience of rounding two buoys at 43 off, which he did at a record event at Jack Travers’ Ski School in Groveland, Florida, couldn’t be approved, because there were technical issues with the boat camera.
The month of November, which is usually scarce for tournaments, let alone world records, proved great for shortline skiing. With water temperatures in the mid-70s, some skiers say that the cooler temperatures allow better glide and require less effort compared to warmer summertime water temps that can hinder cross-course width. Asher also credits his equipment. “The A3 has given me more time in the course and several different turning options. I can now turn from high and early or low and late,” he says. “And of course skiing behind a Malibu RESPONSE TXialways gives me an advantage.”
See more of the RESPONSE TXi

Will Asher rounds 2 ball at 43 off at the Swiss Nation 2 tournament to set a pending jointly held world record.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Malibu Releases WAKESETTER 20 MXZ

After making a big splash with the WAKESETTER 22 and 24 MXZ, Malibu Boats has released theWAKESETTER 20 MXZ to complete the MXZ Series. This boat is for those who love to wakeboard and wakesurf and are looking for the numerous advantages of a 20-foot boat including responsiveness, easy garage storage and trailer-ability.
Completing the trio of the MXZ series, the 20 MXZ is sure to find its place based on the popularity of the already-proven 22 and 24 MXZ. “We’re incredibly excited to release the 20 MXZ to the market,” said Adam McCall, Malibu’s VP of Product. “This boat is focused towards the premium wake customer who just doesn’t need a longer boat. I wouldn’t let the size fool you however, as with the largest interior room in its class, our long-standing tradition of Malibu drive performance, and a very impressive stock wake for surfing and wakeboarding, we’re certain the 20 MXZ will be a crowd pleaser,” McCall added.
With the largest bow/cockpit combination in the 20-foot water sport boat market, and luxurious amenities, every inch of the 20 MXZ is MaXimiZed for the ultimate day on the water. You’ll also find several features not found in other 20-foot boats including a comfortable rear lounge at the stern and it also boasts the highest capacity rating and tallest freeboard (waterline to main deck), in its class.
This premium wake boat can be summed up in two words: Little Giant.  Create your own custom model with Malibu’s new BUILD A BOAT program.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

New Video “TEMPO SHIFT” Makes A Splash Online

With a timed release on, YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler, Malibu’s new video “TEMPO SHIFT” highlights all the action from our 2013 catalog shoot and more, including our Pro Team, new boats and SURF GATE! Click the image to view!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fireball Run: Recap From Tarah Mikacich

I just got back from the most amazing journey! Fireball Run is a live destination-based competition with 40 teams made up of successful business owners and celebrities. For eight days, through 14 cities, and 2,500 miles we got hands-on with grassroots America, receiving unprecedented access and leaving destinations better than when we arrived.
From a fireworks send off in Independence, Ohio to a parade finish in Bangor, Maine, we had to navigate solely based off of clues. We could use anything and anyone to solve clues, and accomplish missions. Clues lead us to find pieces of history, roadside points-of-interest, attractions, brands, even pop culture. The only address we had was where we were to sleep at night and let me tell you, some days all we were looking forward to was going to bed! We went head-to-head uncovering clues, driving and running around like crazy for 12 hours non-stop every day to complete missions and bonuses (which were sometimes fake).
My teammate, Shea Holbrook (pro race car driver and my lifelong friend) and I competed against an astronaut, the president of the Rock ‘N Rock Hall of Fame and even a lumberjill. Some teams had exotic and sexy cars, others more typical and historic, and then there were the extremely odd cars. To ramble off a few: there was a Lamborghini Aventador, a 1981 DMC-12 DeLorean Time Machine as featured in the Back to the Future trilogy, a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Devon GTX, a Porsche 911, a Fisker Karma, a Rally Fighter, a water truck, an ambulance, and our sexy blue and pink hotrod, a 2012 Honda Accord V6 (with sat-nav of course) provided by Hendrick Honda.
Thankfully, we partnered up with some other more experienced teams to help us, as we were the rookies. Using more brainpower than horsepower, we were doing fairly well within the first hour of the first day when we snapped a photo (which we get extra points for) of a fellow Fireballer pulled over by a cop!
Uncovering clues led us to partake in some of the most amazing well-kept secrets in America. We sat in Lucille Ball’s Mercedes and held her Emmy, we also sat in Robert H. Jackson’s chair at the desk he used as chief prosecutor in the Nuremberg trials, things that no one has done since the pieces were restored. We got to drive at Watkins Glen Int’l and met president of the track Michael Printup, then met up with Skip Barber himself at Lime Rock…and then there were pumpkins. Yes, we raced in gigantic 500-1,000 lb pumpkins in the water with a paddle. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting the hard working people of Cummings Diesel and felt the power of a 500hp diesel engine that they make for 18-wheelers.
Speaking of great people, every town we went to truly hosted us. We would roll into town seeing thousands of proud citizens on the streets welcoming Fireball Run. The community effort was… unbelievable. Towards the end of our journey we went to the real graveyard where Pet Cemetery was filmed, and re-enacted a scene… I played the priest.  We also went to town where there had been two battles in the War of 1812. I put on the silly hat and got to shoot the musket!  While we actually did many other things, these were some of my favorites.
Lastly, I’ll share one bonus that seemed a bit risqué from the beginning. We got very up close and personal with the beautiful Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, where we were to take a photo wearing ONLY a toga. I will never forget the face of a nearby sightseer when we ran by in bed sheets!
Everywhere we went we helped a local charity along the way. Together we donated over $10,000 in toys, sports equipment, learning games, and more. Some call Fireball Run a rally, car show, or a game and, in fact, all are accurate but it’s so much more. The purpose of the “adventurally” is to aid in the recovery of missing children by being a massive awareness campaign. Along the way people asked us how to donate and the truth is, “We don’t need donations to find missing children: We need people looking and we need business owners to be willing to hang a poster.
Each team got a child to represent from their region. Every time Shea and I stepped foot out of the car we had posters in hand of the missing child we were representing. In our case, it was youngster Donald Jackson. We wanted our team name to represent Donald, so we called ourselves PrettyTough4DJ. Fireball Run distributed over 200,000 posters and received $42 million worth in news media. We were covered by live stream webcast and local news everywhere we went. From this live rolling production, Universal will be making a full-length movie for next year’s Orlando Film Festival, plus a series of “webisodes” that will air on next summer. There were over 350 news stories regarding this year’s Fireball Run and its Race to Recover America’s Missing Children, which ultimately gave these children a voice again.
Fireball Run gave me a different perspective on life. In Schenectady, NY, at dinner we sat with a man who didn’t appear to be with the group. Shea and I said Hi… He introduced himself as: “I’m a father of a missing child you’re looking for, and he’s been missing for eight years.” Needless to say, I welled up. He told us how every day he wonders where he is or if he’s even alive. We hugged and the last thing he said to me was, “I can never repay you all for what you’re doing for my family.” Well let me tell you, that hug said everything – and I’m a hugger myself!
The last day of the Fireball Run was pretty stressful.  I’ve never done so many u-turns in my life!  We felt like we were far behind, but we didn’t know what position we were in because they stop posting results the last two days, to build the suspense. Given how competitive Shea and I are, we definitely wanted to do well. We were at the banquet in Bangor, eating a great dinner and sipping on some wine while listening to the awards, when suddenly we heard JJ refer to “The Girls.” We had won the Sedan class! I tell you, I’ve never been more excited over a plastic road sign in my life!
We have many people to thank for putting us in the Fireball Ball Run: O’Brien Watersports, TrueCar, Hendrick Honda, Lucas Oil, Growing Champions For Life, Ten-80, Race4Girls, Livin Over Board,, Live Your Legacy Summit, and Hangtyte. We also express our sincere appreciation to the communities that hosted us and to the whole Fireball Run production. It was EPIC!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Keith McAlevey Leaves Wakeboarding To Serve The Country

By Tony Stracke of Tilly’s Marine
So often, we forget that it’s a privilege to do the great things we love, like wakeboarding and hanging out on a beautiful lake with our family and friends. A few years ago, I had the honor of meeting a young man named Keith McAlevey. He was pumped on wakeboarding and wanted to ride all the time. I took him out on my weighted-down Malibu WAKESETTER and he was boosting on every trick. Other people on the lake were giving us the thumbs up and said they enjoyed watching us ride. Keith was just doing what he liked to do and was super humble about it all.
Fast forward a few years and Keith is still wakeboarding and riding like a champ. After graduating high school, he made the admirable decision to join the US Army. After graduating boot camp, I got a text from Keith, “Hey man, I’ll be home for a couple weeks. Can we go wakeboarding??? Because after that, the only wakeboarding I’ll be doing is in the sand!” The reality of the situation hit me pretty hard.
Awesomely enough, we had the Tilly’s Marine 2012 CampOut scheduled for the week he was in town. Keith came out to the lake with his girlfriend Zulie and hung out and rode behind Tilly’s Axis A22 until his arms were going to fall off.
After Keith was stationed overseas, he posted a picture of him with a TV, a magazine, and what looked like an automatic assault rifle. He was on guard duty. His job was to sit in a metal shed in 110-degree heat and guard ammunition. I’m sure it was tough for him to know everyone was at home having fun, but what he was doing allows us to do the things we do.
The choice that Keith has made is huge and it was for OUR benefit to live in this country enjoying our freedom. The next time you are out on the boat and get mad at someone or get bummed that its windy or you can’t land a trick, think about Keith sitting in a metal shed looking at pictures of wakeboarding and counting the days till he can get back on his board.
Keith is currently in Fort Knox and is getting ready for his month in the field — 30 days with no showers or amenities. When he has time off, he tries to get out to Wake Nation to ride the cable. It’s a trek for him, so he usually spends the weekend there and sleeps in his truck. He is already trying to set up times to ride when he comes home in December for a few days. It’s getting cold out there already so I’m sure his stories will be gnarly when he comes home in December.
Thank you very much Keith McAlevey and everyone else that has, or is currently serving this great country. Here are some photos that were taken at our local lake, Lake Piru here in Southern California, when Keith came out for a recent visit. Plus some inspirational quotes from the man himself!
“I like to ride because I’ve grown up with it my whole life and I love the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made through wakeboarding. But also it’s a chance for me to show people what I’ve been able to teach myself and learn from other riders.”
“My personality comes out alot when I wakeboard. I like to go big but also put style in my riding. A lot of people have all the tricks but it looks robotic. I like when a simple trick looks dope. It’s not about the craziest trick you have. It’s about the style you put into your riding. That’s what sets riders apart. Being able to know your board. Know the wake. Know the water and how it’s all going to respond is key.”
“Now I’m in a place where we all look the same. We all have the same haircut. Same uniform. Eat at the same place. Wakeboarding is a huge chance for me to put that all to the side and show my originality and style. I tend to look up to the pros that have so much steeze and make every trick look so good and different from everyone else’s. That’s how I like to ride. I like my tricks to have steeze and style.”
“Wakeboarding has made my life so great. Whether it’s learning new tricks behind a boat, riding a glassy wake surf wave, learning new rails at the cable park or going out with friends to clear 17-foot waterfall gaps. My mind always wants to keep going for the next thing in wakeboarding.”
“Even here in the Army. I write down new tricks, jot down new rails or Google new winch spots for when I come home. It’s truly the greatest sport and gives me endless amounts of happiness.”
Malibu Boats, LLC has a company-wide initiative to support all aspects of the US Military. Check out what Axis Wake Research is doing with their RECON edition. This package is available on the A20 or A22 and a portion of the proceeds goes to Jared Allen’s Homes 4 Wounded Warriors.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Northwest Region Summer Recap

By Chad Douglas
Whew… what a season. I would like to start this off by saying thank you to Malibu Boats! Thank you for building amazing products. Thank you for having excellent customer service. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to promote, advertise and enjoy an amazing summer in the best wake boat around.
Summer Highlights:
  • Watching dozens of individuals land their first something’s. From wake jumps, to surf 360s, to glides and handle-pass mobes, the WAKESETTER 22 MXZ served up consistent wakes and waves all summer long. “Glitzy” truly earned her reputation for having the biggest wake in the Northwest this season.
  • Watching people wander from all over the sand dunes at Crescent Bar and form an instant dance party while tied up in the floatilla during Memorial Day weekend.
  • Hearing from someone who has been towing competitive water skiing their whole life, “This is the most pleasurable driving experience I’ve ever had in a wakeboard boat.”
  • Discussing, demonstrating and just plain showing off products that speak for themselves to hundreds of people all summer long.

Although this was only my first season as a Malibu Northwest Region promotional rider, I felt it went very well. Throughout the season I was able to accomplish the following:
  •    Over 180 hours of running time on the boat
  •    Towed over 130 wakeboard, wakeskate, and surfing sets in competition over 4 different events
  •    Had over 150 individuals onboard the boat at different events and occasions
  •    Sold the boat so that I can spend the 2013 season showing off the latest and greatest, the WAKESETTER22MXZ with SURF GATE!
With the hours of available sunlight beginning to dwindle here in the Northwest, I am getting ready for winter. The plan forward is to expand on the foundation we built this season and aim for even more promotional events next season. We will continue to keep the boat on Lake Washington in hopes of getting as much water time as possible. Our 2013 boat will again be towing all Northwest INT wakeboard events and hopefully a few other local events. I am also in discussion with local shops, Seattle Boats, and other interested businesses here in the Northwest on the potential for more activities that benefit everyone involved. I look forward to working with all of you this next season and hope that you are as excited about the results of this season as I am. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or comments. I am all-ears for any feedback on this season or ideas for next season. Take care, Chad Douglas

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

SURF EXPO Extends Malibu Momentum

With several new product launches, new website, a clean sweep of the WSIA Dealer Awards and top athlete honors at Wake Awards, Malibu Boats and Axis Wake Research noticed a surge of interest though the month of September. National Sales Director, Scott Davenport, is hearing an outpour of feedback through dealer networks and customer chatter. “People are responding well to the new 24 MXZ and everybody wants to get their hands onSURF GATE,” Davenport said. “Plus, Axis is continuing to impress, now offering the RECON edition which benefits a great cause.”
Also new this year, Malibu is promoting a special, limited edition 30th Anniversary package for the RESPONSE TXi, WAKESETTER 20 VTX and 23 LSV. There are a number of new things to talk about and the dealers are amping over the latest innovations. Minnesota Inboard finished the season off with a bang, winning “Retailer Of The Year” at the WSIA Leadership Awards on September 6. Owner Joe Mueller said, ”We are truly honored to win this award and this wouldn’t have been possible without our great crew and our amazing, loyal customers. We are in an ideal location, and sell a superior product. Our new state-of-the-art facility, scheduled to open in early 2013, will allow us to provide the best customer experience, while also enabling our dealership to grow.”
Other dealer awards went to Marine Outfitters for Best Retail Promotion and Boulder Boats for Breakout Retailer Of The Year.
Find your local dealer here:
Play with the all-new Build A Boat feature here:
Malibu’s Scott Davenport and Chase Mastel of Minnesota Inboard
Christina Litjens of Boulder Boats & Malibu’s Chris Loomis
Booth at SURF EXPO
30th Anniversary Edition
Axis RECON Edition
Amber Wing wins “Best Womens Rider”
Raph Derome wins “Best Wakeboarder”

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Will Asher and Regina Jaquess Win At Diablo Shores!

Congrats to Will Asher and Regina Jaquess for winning Mens and Womens Slalom at the Diablo Shores Pro-Am in Brentwood, California on Sept. 23. Will rounded 2.5 buoys @ 41 off for the win in the head-to-head final with Nate Smith. Malibu’s Thomas Degasperi took fourth place with 5 @ 39 off.
Regina posted 3 @ 39 off in the head-to-head final with Karina Nowlan to take first place in Womens Slalom.
photo: BallOfS

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Regina Wins Slalom, Jump & Overall At Pan Am Games

Athletes on the six U.S. teams combined to win 72 individual medals at the Pan American Games on Sept. 12-15, at the Pickos World Ski Resort in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. The U.S. Elite Water Ski Team won the overall team gold medal, scoring 8,457 points. Regina Jaquess won gold medals in Elite Women’s Slalom, Jumping and Overall, as well as the bronze medal in tricks.
For the whole story and all results, go to:

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Chad Sharpe Scores Cover Of Wake Journal #81

Cover story by Kevco
After nearly 15 years at the top of the pro riding food chain, there’s a reason Chad Sharpe is still making it. Young rippers have emerged and Chad has felt the squeeze, but that hasn’t stopped him from maintaining the best lifestyle in the world.
“I’m here to work.” Chad said after the first day of the 2013 Malibu Boats catalog shoot in North Carolina – not a comment you’ll typically hear from a pro wakeboarder. After a day of photo shoots, filming and new product testing, Malibu’s staff noticed Chad has become more than just a rider. He contributes to the success of the overall mission and is genuinely concerned with the performance of the products he uses and wants to make that experience better for everybody who buys them as well.
People who get the chance to meet Chad always say they’re surprised how nice he is. That’s probably because his edgy, Canadian bad boy image has them a bit intimidated. If you get on his bad side, you’ll regret it. But treat him right and you’ll have a friend for life. If you’re in Orlando, you can get a great deal on a private lesson with Chad, just e-mail
Chad also seems to have a much better grip on his temper these days. The Pointless crew used to have standing bets over how far Chad would fling his helmet after his last fall in a contest. These days, you might see a dramatic unbuckle and vicious wind up, but no actual helmet whip.
After talking to him in depth about his current outlook, it’s obvious Chad’s love for wakeboarding has finally won over any frustrations that arise. “I love wakeboarding because of the all the different possibilities,” Chad said. “whether it’s riding behind my boat with the wake jacked up on a hot glassy day or sessioning a rail, taking turns and cheering each other on. Or, just a fun kicker sesh blasting airs. I also love the amazing places wakeboarding has taken me and the awesome people I’ve met along the way. This sport has introduced me to many of my best life long friends.”
Follow Chad Sharpe online:
Instagram: ChadSharpe
Twitter: ChadESharpe

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