Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Malibu Offers “Big!” Incentives For Boat Show Buyers

The Big Air! Big Screen! Big Savings! Malibu Boat Show Promotion consists of a free Patented Power Wedge or a free MaliView 6.5” color LCD upgrade and 3 years of service free. From January 1 through March 31, 2009 participating North American Malibu Boats dealers are turning boat shows into the ultimate Malibu boat-buying experience in a “Big” way with this offer.

The Big Air! Big Screen! Big Savings! Malibu Boat Show Promotion is the choice between two of the greatest water sports boating innovations ever developed. Malibu is giving boat show buyers the choice between launching off huge customizable wakes with a free Patented Power Wedge or creating their own on-water screening room with the all-new 10-button MaliView 6.5” color LCD system. These choices represent as much as $2100 in free, exclusive Malibu innovations that can be redeemed with any boat purchased during this boat show season.

Malibu Boats is also offering FREE service for 3 years as a part of the Big Air! Big Screen! Big Savings! Malibu Boat Show Promotion. Those who become Malibu boat owners during the show will have no out of pocket expenses on boat service for three years. Service visits like oil changes, basic winterization and de-winterization and the 20-hour service will be taken care of. Up to a $1000 of service is free with the purchase of a Malibu boat during the boat show season.

These amazing benefits join deep Malibu discounts on all 2008 inventoried boats. There is no better time to own a Malibu boat and no better time to begin that experience than the 2009 boat show season. Visit malibuboats.com to locate your nearest Malibu boat show so you don’t miss The Big Air! Big Screen! Big Savings! Malibu Boat Show Event.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

2009 Malibu Boat Shows

Check out the list of the boat shows you can visit to expereince 2009 Malibu Boat Models and the Big Air! Big Screen! Big Savings! Malibu Boat Show Promotion. This list is complete with links to the show web site when available. If you have any questions about these shows please e-mail info@malibuboats.com.

Here is the January portion of the 2009 Malibu Boat Show list. To view the entire list go to http://www.malibuboats.com/news/show/12.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Corvette Boat on Display at GM World

The licensed 2008 Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V boat by Malibu Boats is on display in GM World at the Renaissance Center in Detroit, MI. It was trailered into the Renaissance Center on December 2, 2008 and will be on display until the Detroit boat show at Cobo in Mid-February.

Admission is free to GM World, an interactive exhibit showcasing the products and services of the world's largest automaker. The 50,000-square-foot showroom displays a rotating roster of 26 vehicles, including many never seen in North America. It's like an auto show for GM products only. Videos and audio players triggered by sensors help present product information. The exhibit has four sections: Touring and Luxury, Family and Neighborhood, Outdoors and Sports Enthusiasts.

The display boat is on loan from Skier's Pier Marina & Proshop in Waterford, Michigan. They are a long-time distinguished Malibu Boats dealer.

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Malibu Boats Wins 2009 Design Excellence Award

This morning we received an e-mail from Trailer Boat Magazine informing us that the Malibu Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V is a Trailer Boats Excellence in Design Award Winner for 2009. The article on this achivement will be featured in the January issue of Trailer Boats magazine, with web coverage going live on TrailerBoats.com in early January 2009.

Ron Eldridge, Editor of Trailer Boats magazine, wrote, "We would like to thank you for pushing the envelope for boat design. It is this kind of vision and risk-taking that the Trailer Boats Excellence in Design Awards program is intended to recognize. Your achievement is exemplary..."

The award will be presented to the Malibu Boats R&D Team at the 2009 Miami International Boat Show. Dan Gasper, Paul Gaines and Shane Stillman will be accepting the award for their outstanding design on behalf of themselves and Malibu Boats.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Malibu's Response to the Avid Skier's Growing Family

Malibu Boats introduces the Response FXi for 2009, a professional-level ski boat that doesn’t leave your family or their water sports on the dock.

The 2009 Response FXi is a new cross-over from Malibu Boats that accommodates an athletic family with interior space, professional-level slalom performance and wakeboard ability. This 20-foot by 8.2-foot direct-drive ski boat lights up the course with soft flat wakes at almost any line length. The increased beam and freeboard offers more room for family. Additionally, the width of the Response FXi joined with available ballast and the available Patented Power Wedge causes this versatile Malibu to kick-up great wakes at wakeboarding speeds. At Malibu compromise is a copout, they build boats to do it all for you.

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Cross-over or not, this boat is built to ski. Malibu has taken their agile 20-foot Cut Diamond Hull and put it under a multi-port fuel injected direct-drive engine to create an amazing traditional-style ski boat. The Response FXi excels in World Class slalom. Designed to flatten and soften the wakes at any slalom line length and improve handling, Malibu’s Cut Diamond Hull, is a 3-event enthusiast’s dream. The geometry of this hull’s running surface has been optimized to precisely command the flow of water, displace less water and create a softer, flatter wake. This design along with the Response FXi’s straight chine perpetuates extreme agility and a phenomenal rough-water ride.

And after the skiers in the crew are pulled past their limits, the rest of the family can ride. The Response FXi features Precision Pro Speed Control, available ballast monitoring and optional Power Wedge controls all customizable through Rider Presets. Add the Patented Power Wedge and available 400-pound rear ballast for increased wake size and personalized shape when you want it. Cap your Response FXi with an optional Illusion XS tower and the kids will have their wakeboard boat without compromising your morning ski run.

The increased beam and freeboard of the Response FXi has given Malibu the opportunity to add more comfort, more luxury and more room. The handcrafted interior of the Response FXi exudes a level of luxury typically reserved for a Malibu Luxury Sport-V. From tuck and roll style upholstery elements to multi-textured 38-ounnce stain resistant vinyl to over stuffed seat cushions. This boat is high-end experience on the water even when it is standing still.

The FXi has a 98-inch beam and increased freeboard. These specs translate to more performance, but also more room for family. The Response FXi provides comfortable room for 10 with the storage to support such a large crew. The rear locking split-lid hatch, over-sized observer seat storage and ski locker welcome the gear you want to bring to along. And if you opt for 400 pounds of Malibu Launch System (MLS) this ballast will not compromise your storage in the Response FXi. It is mounted beneath the floor. Malibu is the only boat company to offer this kind of accommodation and versatility.

The FXi has a sleek performance profile that is unmistakable on the lake. This look is thanks, in part, to the precisely sculpted Cut Diamond Hull. These lines coupled with the completely customizable progressive gel coat graphics and the distinct MH2 frameless windshield make the Response FXi look as good as it performs. Add the available Illusion XS tower and you will further separate your family from the boating pack.

The exterior of the Response FXi also offers advantages beyond standing out on the lake. This boat is only 20 feet long from bow to stern. It is easy to tow, store and maneuver in tight places on the water. Get ready to park your vehicle on the street because the Response FXi fits in the garage. If your garage is on the small side, remove the FXi swim step and store your pride and joy with confidence.

The Response FXi joins 11 other models in the 2009 Malibu Boats line. Visit your nearest Malibu Boats dealer to experience the Malibu Difference on the water.

Length: 20’/6m
Beam: 98”/2.49m
Draft: 22”/0.56m
Capacity: 10 persons
Weight: 3200 lbs.
Fuel: 46 gal./174L
Hull design: Cut Diamond

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Malibu Sponsors V8 Supercar Champion Jamie Whincup

Newly-crowned V8 Supercar Champion Jamie Whincup will take to the water with Malibu Boats during his well-earned break and beyond, announcing a new personal sponsorship with the industry leading marine manufacturer in Australia and the US.

The 25-year-old Gold Coast resident and man most likely to be crowned 2008 V8 champion today took possession of a new Malibu Wakesetter VLX, fittingly, on just the second day of Summer.

A wakeboarding enthusiast, Whincup was excited about the prospect of the relationship with Malibu and said he looked forward to hitting the water once the hard work of winning his first V8 Supercar championship was done.

“I’m excited about announcing a new personal sponsorship with Malibu Boats, next to my passion for race cars I am a keen wakeboarder and am looking forward to a relaxing summer aboard the Wakesetter VLX,” said Whincup.

To read the rest of this release visit Jamie Whincup's web site and blog.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Meet Kevin Henshaw and His Wakesetter VLX

Malibu Factory Rider, Kevin Henshaw, recently was the subject of a short video clip put together by Alliance Magazine. In this video, Henshaw shows off his riding as well as the wakeboard boat he rides behind. Kevin chooses the Malibu Wakesetter VLX. He likes the fact that Malibu offers so many sizes of true wakeboard boats. His parents own a 20-foot Malibu Wakesetter VTX while he rides behind the 21-foot VLX. The Wakesetter size goes up to 24' 7". There's something for everyone.

Kevin talks about the Malibu features that he enjoys. Number one is the wake. Of course, that's his bread and butter. He comments about the easy process for creating a wake in a Malibu boat. Aside form that he talks about the drive ability and handling. He mentions that anybody can drive his boat. It's that easy to handle. Kevin also really likes the stereo set-up. He can control his iPod through the MUX switch panel. This way he is control of the tunes even if he's driving.

Check out the Wakestter VLX and Kevin's moves. You'll see why he's such a great part of our team.

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