Sunday, July 26, 2009

Malibu Fav Pic Submission for August: Fogged In VTX

Here's a Fav Pic submission we received for August. We came across this sweet shot in one of the Malibu Boats facebook friend's albums. Amy and Chad Gordon took this shot on the maiden voyage of their new 08 Malibu Boats Wakesetter VTX. They were spending the 4th of July at Kerr Lake in North Carolina.

According to Amy's e-mail, "We literally picked it up Wednesday night and left Friday morning for 10 days at Kerr Lake." Amy continued, "Cause who can be at the lake for 10 days without a Malibu?"

Amy took this photo when the fog rolled in one morning during their vacation on Kerr Lake. The fog cut Chad's morning wakeboard set short, but it did make for a pretty sweet photo.

Thank you for submitting this picture, Amy! It's beautiful! We will add it to the photos we are choosing from for the Malibu Boats favorite pic for the month of August.

If you capture or come across a cool Malibu Boats-related photo let us know. We would love to post it here as well as on the Malibu Boats Blog and Flickr Channel. We will even Tweet about it on Twitter. E-mail with links and/or images. Also make sure to include the name of the person who took the shot and give us a short description of the photo's contents. If you do not know this information and you are only forwarding a link, we can track it down. Thanks!

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