Monday, November 10, 2008 Added VLX Credit to 1260 Article just edited the short article they did on Danny Harf's 1260 to include an acknowledgement to the Malibu Wakesetter VLX for being the only tow boat to pull the history-making trick.

"Danny's 1260 was pulled by Chad Sharpe's Malibu Wakesetter VLX." It's only one line, but it's a big deal to Malibu Boats. The VLX is the only tow boat to ever pull a 1260. Granted Danny did most of the work, but we are happy to have been involved.

Go to to read the entire Danny Harf 1260 article.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Malibu Crew Broke the Harf 1260 Story in September

After making the post about Danny Harf landing his history-making 1260 behind a Wakesetter VLX, we decided to check out forums to see if they knew this cool fact. We should have known... we are way behind on this story. The Crew broke the news about Harf landing his 1260 behind a Malibu in Late September. We bow to the masters of Malibu news. Thanks, Malibu Crew!

Take a look at the original thread about Harf's 1260 on the Malibu Crew web site.

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Danny Harf Landed His 1260 Behind a Malibu Boat

We are probably a little late on this, but we found out something really cool this week. After watching Danny Harf's 1260 video and talking with Team Malibu Pro Rider Chad Sharpe, we found out that Harf landed his 1260 behind Shrape's Wakesetter VLX back in September.

You can get a few glimpses of Chad's VLX in video and it looked like his boat to us, the first time we saw it. We saw the white Illusion X tower, the white boat and we thought we got a look at the Wakesetter brand on the side of the hull. We also saw that distinct looking wake. So we asked Chad if we were seeing things... He confirmed that Danny landed the history-making 1260 behind his Wakesetter.

Harf is a good friend of Malibu Boats and our team riders and we wanted to offer him our congratulations no matter what boat he achieved this accomplishment behind. But now that we know it was done behind a Malibu, well, we are that much more happy to share our congratulations with Harf.

Way to go, Danny! And thanks for lending him the boat Chad. Just goes to show Malibu Boats can help you achieve your riding goals no matter what your skill level.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Isners Help Dad Land a Backroll and a Malibu Boat for Christmas

Inspired by the Malibu Boat Rockin' Christmas Event, we thought we could put you into the Christmas spirit by sharing some fun Malibu Christmas stories. We are posting owner accounts of amazing Christmas surprises that started with a Malibu boat and ended with extremely happy families.

The first of these Malibu Boats Christmas tales takes place in Washington State just before the Christmas of 2007. The Isner family visited Bake's Marine, their local Malibu Boats dealer, to take their '04 Sunscape 21 LSV to be winterized. When Joe and Kim Isner dropped their boat off they noticed the new 2008 Malibu boats in the Bake's showroom. They were all over the Wakesetter 23 LSV checking out every addition and advancement Malibu had made since their boat was made. The Isner girls, Devon 14 and Kendall 12, loved the added room. But Dad Joe was day dreaming about the coveted backroll he had been trying to land. He just knew the 23 LSV would give him the wake he knew he needed to get it done.

"My husband was giddy when he learned about the ballast tanks and was convinced he would be able to land his backroll with a wake like that!" Kim recalled.

So Kim and Joe sat down with Bake's Marine Sales Manager Matt Cour and looked at the numbers. Although Joe was excited, he wanted to think about it. He knew he wanted to get a new boat this year, but wanted to think about it just the same.

It was after Joe's excited display that Kim, Kendall and Devon began planning the biggest and best Christmas surprise ever for the man in their lives. Kim called Matt back and let him know she wanted to surprise Joe with the 23 LSV for Christmas. Matt suggested Bake's keep the boat until just before the big day so Joe didn't catch wind of their plans. So after the deal was made the boat stayed at the dealership until then.

Kim had a friend of the family pick the boat up a few days before Christmas. Matt had ordered a special big red bow online and made sure Kim's friend had that and the boat ready for the big surprise.

The family friend dropped the boat off in the Isner's driveway at around 11am on Christmas morning. The whole family was inside opening gifts. When the last present had been opened, so Joe thought, the girls lead him outside. He couldn't believe what he saw there in front of the house. It was a 2008 Wakesetter 23 LSV complete with a huge red bow. Do you think he saw himself completing that backroll too?

Joe was completely surprised. Kim's plan was a huge success and they have been enjoying their Wakesetter all summer.

Kim informed us. "And my husband finally landed his backroll!"

We asked Kim how she justified such a large purchase, especially as a Christmas gift. She had this to say, "I consider it a great investment, especially considering the fun and memories we have shared with our family and friends."

Kim also said this about her Malibu experience, "We have had such a wonderful experience with Bakes Marine in Issaquah. This is the second Malibu boat we have purchased from them and their customer service from sales to maintenance is fabulous. Matt Cour was key in helping the kids and I pull off this surprise for my husband complete with a huge red bow he purchased! He helped us customize the boat to meet our needs. He and service manager, Paul Gregoire, answered all of my questions regarding accessories or which line to buy for our new surfboard!"

Hope you enjoyed this soon-to-be Malibu Boats Christmas classic. If you know of a cool Malibu Christmas story, e-mail it to We will write about it and post it here. Or if you are interested in created a Malibu Christmas story of your own, check out the Malibu Boat Rockin' Christmas Event. Together with Malibu Boats dealers across the nation, we are helping to create once-in-a-life-time Christmas surprises. Locate your nearest Malibu Boats dealer to plan the best Christmas ever for your family.

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