Friday, February 27, 2009

Introducing the 2009 23 vRide Value-class Wakeboard Boat

February Malibu Boats E-newsletter 23 vRide Feature Story

The new 23 vRide wakeboard boat from Malibu Boats has gone from high-end wakeboard schools to a low cost option for wakeboarding enthusiasts.

The 2009 23 vRide wakeboard boat from Malibu got its start as a pro trainer, touring the nation and in some of the country’s most elite wakeboard schools. This Malibu boat can school you, your family and your friends without the sting of that private school tuition. The 23 vRide is a large family wakeboard boat with the all performance a water sports family or a crew of pro riders needs.

The 2009 23 vRide has an impressive resume. This 23-foot by 8.3-foot Malibu has trained pros, toured the country and taught riders on their way up. Veteran Team Malibu rider Gerry Nunn and world champion Darin Shapiro have trained behind this Malibu boat. In fact, Nunn’s house was a popular stop for some of the World’s best riders when this Malibu 23-footer was at his dock. Nunn has also pulled his 23 cross-country, several times, to teach during the Malibu Just Ride Clinic Series. Shapiro used his 23 to instruct at his wakeboard school, Ride the Spot.

To read more visit the February Malibu Boats E-newsletter 23 vRide Feature Story.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Malibu Boat Baby Announcement

The crew at Bake's Marine in Issaquah, WA shared this story with us. The Guttci Family found a new use for a baby announcement when they took delivery of their new Malibu Wakesetter VTX. They were so excited they had these cards made up and sent them to all of their family and friends. Pretty cool idea! We have mentioned this to many other excited Malibu boat buyers at the boat shows and I think we will be seeing a lot more Malibu Boat Baby Announcements. You're trendsetters Guttci Family.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Team Malibu's Phillip Soven Wins First Pro Rail Jam

The 4th annual Boardshorts, Bulls and Bikinis wakeboard rail jam, presented by Malibu Boats and Monster Energy Drink, took place in Dallas, Texas last Saturday night and it was arguably the best one to date! It was definitely the best weather conditions yet for this Texas style winter wakeboard party as temperatures were in the mid to high 60's. With an impressive line-up of top local and pro riders, the packed house was treated to some exciting rail jam action, rowdy mechanical bull riding, a smoking hot bikini contest and great live music from Fort Worth based psychedelic rockers - Spoonfed Tribe.

The event took place at the world famous Gilley's honky-tonk, just south of downtown Dallas. The action kicked off at 8:30 PM as seventeen riders prepared to battle it out for cash and one of two coveted Boardshorts, Bulls and Bikinis custom silver belt buckles that were up for grabs. The set-up provided by Orlando based Step Up Productions featured a 40-foot rooftop rail, a cheese wedge kicker to fun box and a massive big air kicker. Riders were split into three heats with the top two from each heat advancing to the rail jam finals. Each rider would get three attempts to lay down their best trick.

It was Soven's first ever rail jam win and he was stoked to get it at an event presented by his boat sponsor, Malibu Boats! Soven narrowly edged out the always-innovative Gabe Lucas who took second place and a check for $500 for his switch toeside transfer to front board. Third place went to Kyle Alberts whose aerial antics had the crowd on their feet all night. Alberts boosted a HUGE indy tantrum off the kicker and landed clean to lock up third place and a check for $250.

Visit to read the full story.

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Malibu Boats 2009 DVD At Dealerships Now

The 2009 Truth is on the Water Malibu Boats DVD provides a glimpse into the world of Malibu Boats with water sports action and detailed boat model information. The soundtrack is a mix of fun on-the-water style tunes that narrate quick-paced water skiing and wakeboarding action. The world’s most popular water sports boat DVD is available at your local Malibu dealer now.

2009 DVD Intro Video
2009 DVD Case Image
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Shot entirely in High Definition (HD), the 2009 Truth is on the Water DVD is a cross between an extensive research tool and a water sports movie all set to great music. The ’09 DVD contains individual model videos organized with detailed specification information and 3D 360-degree views of the boats. The Pushing Limits section describes everything form construction to power plants to “Hero” innovations exclusive to Malibu Boats. A Malibu boat owner, demonstrates some stand-out features, while Regional Sales Manager, Mark Gibbs, points out the aspects of the boat that demand attention during a test drive. And that’s only the beginning, literally.

The 2009 Malibu Boats DVD also features amazing water sports performances set to pulse-quickening music. The “Team” section joins a video introduction of Team Malibu Pro Rider Chad Sharpe as well as the 2008 Malibu Open Water Ski and Wakeboard Championships Show. There is no shortage of liquid action on this DVD.

Visit a Malibu Boats dealer near you to pick up your complimentary copy of the 2009 Truth is on the Water Malibu Boats DVD.

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Malibu Boats at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA

Malibu Boats Dealer Etco Marine took a herd of Malibu Boats to the Tulare Farm Show in California this week. The World's largest ag expo, the Tulare Farm Showtypically showcases products that are ag-related, but Malibu figured since farmers and dairymen like to have fun too why not truck some boats out there. And of course the Malibu Boats Ag Show Booth wouldn't have been complete with the Holstein wrapped Wakesetter that Etco Marine had made special.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MaliView Rear View Cameras Big At Shows

The MaliView 6.5" color LCD Dash System was a big hit this last weekend at the shows.

In Dallas at the Waterski America boat show booth they had a rear view camera installed on the Wakesetter VLX's Illusion XS tower. Booth visitors were amazed by the technology and ease of operation.

Accoridng to, Taylor's Boats also had the rear view camera set-up at the Salt Lake City Show. listed it as the top innovation they saw at the show.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

7-year-old Lands Backroll at USA Nationals Behind Malibu Boat

The Kapplers have been proud Malibu owners for years. Recently Brent, the dad, e-mailed us with a link to this video. Brent shot this footage of his son, 7-year-old Mitch Kappler, landing a back roll behind a Malibu Wakesetter VLX at the USA Nationals. Thank you for sharing, Brent and congratulations Mitch! You're an awesome rider! Keep it up!

We are proud to have the Kapplers as part of the Malibu Boats Family.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Malibu Boats Rockin' Wikipedia Thanks to Malibu Crew

We check the Malibu Boats Wikipedia page from time to time to see if there is any new Malibu Boats information up there. We have tried to update the page ourselves, but it always gets rejected as being "too commercial'. Which is a good thing, I guess. Wikipedia is a great tool because it offers unbiased true information.

Well, on this last trip up to the web dictionary we noticed a big change. The Wikipedia page on Malibu Boats has been completely repopulated with true, extensive and up-to-date information on Malibu Boats. It even lists source links for the new web site. It's awesome!

Turns out we owe a big "Thank you" to the Malibu Crew and specifically member "tj_in_kc" for researching the process and then updating the page. Thank you TJ! After reading this Malibu Crew thread we found crew members and moderators have attempted to up date this page for us before. We would like to thank you all!

We appreciate the time you dedicate to furthering the Malibu Difference and educating people about Malibu Boats. You are a one-of-kind group and Malibu Boats is stronger because of dedicated owners like you. Thank you!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Malibu Boats Dealer Commemorates UA Season with Custom WakeboardBoat

There was a steady stream of passers-by stopping to look at the University of Alabama Malibu Boat Skier's Marine created for the 2009 Birmingham Boat Show. Many took pictures of and in front of the one-of-a-kind wakeboard boat.

Skier's Marine had Malibu Boats build the Alabama colored boat to commemorate the Rolling Tide's undefeated season. Team pride was off-the-hook at the Birmingham Boat Show.

Highlights from the Tide's undefeated season played on a flat screen in front of the boat, but most of the day the TV was blocked by people stopping to stare and take pictures. They had never seen anything so fitting at the boat show. Even the trailer said "Roll Tide Roll".

Malibu Boats Dealer Skier's Marine not only designed the UA wakeboard boat they custom made the boat's graphics. A lot of thought went into this boat. That was obvious to fans and show goers alike.

When we asked Rett Tyler from Skier's Marine what inspired this idea, he said simply, "Tide Pride!" He continued, "We wanted to show how proud we are of UA and remind everyone just how special this season was."

Monday, February 2, 2009

Boardshorts, Bulls and Bikini's Rail Jam Saturday Night

The 4th Annual Boardshorts, Bulls and Bikini's Wakeboard Rail Jam is this Saturday night at Gilley's in Dallas, TX. There was a good buzz at the Dallas Boat Show this past weekend and accordning to long-time Malibu Boats dealer WaterSki America, this could be the best Gilley's event yet! There's a great line-up of riders, bikini girls and a killer band. Dano the Mano and Justin Kiefer will be holding down the announcing duties, Phil Parkinson and his crew will be shooting video for FUEL TV and Jeremy Linebaugh is shooting stills.

If you're in Dallas, listen to 97.1-FM The Eagle this week. There will be a ton of on-air giveaways. See you on Saturday!