Monday, August 27, 2012

Malibu Pro Team Shines In TransWorld Reader's Poll

After winning the Red Bull Wake Open overall title and scoring the cover of TransWorld WAKEBOARDING's October 2012 issue, Raphael Derome landed in 8th place. With a hit series on MTV called WakeBrothers and multiple wins on the King Of Wake Tour, Phillip Soven took the 9th spot. Olivier Derome, with a prime time part in Slingshot's team video, LIPSMACK, rounded out the Reader's Poll in 10th.

After Amber Wing signed with Malibu in March 2012, this former Queen Of Wake had another stellar season on tour. Her worldwide popularity, sick style and engagement through social media helped her land in the top spot for women. Dallas Friday proved her vitality in the sport once again by securing the 3rd spot.

In wakeskating, Brian Grubb took a respectable 2nd place. With multiple podium finishes, popular web videos and appearances around the globe, Grubb had another impressive season and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Will Asher Wins European Slalom Championships

Congrats to Will Asher for winning the European National Championships in Recetto, Italy on August 19. Will rounded 1 buoy at 41 off in the finals to win this event for the fourth time in his career. Malibu's Thomas Degasperi landed in third.

Will reflected on the event and what it felt like to represent England at the championships, "There's something special about winning a gold medal, flying the flag on the podium and hearing the national anthem as the team sings along." 

Will made some key adjustments during the contest that paid off big time, "I felt great all weekend and learned a lot about the site, boat and driver during  the preliminary round. I completely changed my game plan, the way I skied and my skis' setup in the final to take the boat out of the equation. My plan paid off, and I won the event by a sizable margin. It was great to win in Italy, at such a fantastic site, with the British team Cheering me on. Recetto is also the site where I ran 39 off for the first time." 

Follow Will on Twitter: @WillAsher

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Malibu Open Raises The Bar In Milwaukee


Energy was running high as the world's best water skiers stormed into Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the Malibu Open on Aug. 3-4. The RESPONSE TXi would serve as the official towboat, and confidence was running high, as this boat already debuted at last year's Malibu Open and went on to tow several world records. Fans packed the shore and also tuned around the world on the live webcast produced by Eagle Wetsuits.

Mens Slalom saw the most heated battle of the weekend, possibly the highest cut lines in tour history. Skiers had to make 2 @ 41 off just to make it to the quarterfinal round of 16, then 3 @ 41 to make the semi final round of 6 skiers. Several skiers ran into 41 and didn't make the cut. Nate Smith took the win, with Chris Rossi in second and Will Asher in third. Another fun fact: 39 off was run 32 times at the Malibu Open this year.

Regina Jaquess, hot off setting the new world record of 3 buoys at 41 off, edged out April Coble in the Womens Slalom final, shredding through a full pass at 38 off. Regina also won "Female Skier Of The Year" at the 1st Annual Waterski Awards presented by WATERSKI Magazine on Friday evening. Read the full story and see the video of Regina's 3 @ 41 world record here.

Freddy Krueger ended the night going big as usual, launching 222 feet for the win in Mens Jump. Check out some of these amazing photos taken by

Freddy Krueger
Chris Parish

Will Asher

Will Asher

Will Asher

Thomas Degasperi 
Thomas Degasperi

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Indie Girls' Guide To Boat Driving: 2nd Edition!

Check out the latest installment of the Indie Girls' Guide to Boat Driving. This DVD is available for $14.95 and will take all the anxiety away so you can all focus on having fun. Find helpful tips on things like backing up a trailer, safety precautions, rules of the water, end of day checklists and most important, towing a skier or wakeboarder.

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The Indie Girls' Guide to Boat Driving (second edition) will get you in the driver's seat. Boating is a male-dominated activity and there's no doubt that fear and intimidation can hold you back. Whether you're new to boating or you're ready to step up your involvement, this guide will go through all the fundamentals in a girl-friendly way. We'll cover basic boat operations, docking, safety precautions and much more. We'll also address your areas of anxiety, such as trailering your boat and how to master the boat launch. New to the second edition - specifics of what gear for what activity, weighting your boat, and towing a skier or rider. Gain the confidence you need to have fun on the water. Be an Indie Girl.