Monday, November 26, 2007

Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V Video

During the Corvette boat photo shoot at Lake Don Pedro, CA in early November we captured some amateur video footage of the Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V. We put these clips together with some heart pumping music and interior footage we captured during the studio shoot. Take a look... There's more to come, but we thought this would be fun for now.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Malibu Corvette Boat Unveiled

The new Malibu Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V was unveiled today at our 2008 Malibu Boats Dealer Meeting in Lake Tahoe , Nevada.

The main meeting room was kept under lock and key until just before the unveiling. No one was allowed in the room except Malibu personnel and the talented crew of audio-visual experts running the show. We only had one break in by Joe Wolf of Skier’s Pier in Detroit, Michigan. Joe was quickly escorted out of the room and he was a great sport about it.

At exactly 7:30am the doors to the meeting room were opened and over 300 members of the Malibu dealer network filed in. Dealership owners, salespeople and spouses made up the group. No one played hooky from the meeting yesterday morning. It was standing room only.

The Corvette boat was well hidden by a large curtain and at 8:00am sharp the unveiling festivities began.

First a nostalgic Corvette car video was played and then famed precisionist C.G. Ryche began his signature heavy-hitting drum solo. Obscured by thick layers of smoke and dry ice haze the boat was slowly revealed by huge banks of lights.

Paul Singer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Malibu Boats, described some of the unique features of the Corvette boat. Paul also recognized the three men responsible for this one-of-kind towboat, Malibu engineers Dan Gasper, Paul Gains and Shane Stillman.

The Malibu dealers went crazy for the Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V. After the intro many of them were on the edge of their seats, just waiting for the day's first meeting break so they could crawl all over the boat and snap a few camera phone shots for their crews back home.

Take a look at our Flickr gallery of this historic event.

The fastest inboard water sports boat ever produced, the Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V wowed the Malibu Boats dealer network, even sitting still, on November 15th, at its unveiling. Everyone was anxious to place orders for their Malibu Corvette boat and get these hand-built boats on the water in their areas.

Stay tuned for more information on the 2008 Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V. There’s more to come.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Malibu Boats Pushing Limits with 3D

The limits we push at Malibu Boats are not restricted to boat building or production processes. We are always pushing for that next breakthrough no matter what the discipline. We have even applied this limitless mindset to boat reorientations on the web.

We have added 3D imagery and animation to the engine that motors us past the limits we push. Created by 64-bit 3D artist Dean Fowler of Machine Films, each 2008 Malibu boats was completely modeled in 3D, inside and out. Dean has worked on a number of motion picture projects as well as video games like the recently released Halo 3.

These models are available in iSpec and will be posted in the web site's boat model sections. ISpec uses 2D captures of our 3D models to illustrate user specified colors and exterior options. ISpec is our boat-building program and thanks to the advantage of 3D model we can offer four distinct views when you build your boat online. We are also in the process of adding animated 3D to the boat model pages on our web site. These animations spin and flip showing off each Malibu boat model from every angle. These animations have also been posted on

You can view 3D animated clips of each 2008 model on our YouTube channel.

We are extending the use of these 3D models by plugging them into other Malibu marketing media like the 2008 DVD and our print pieces. The spinning animations will add another descriptive element to model sections of the DVD. The amount of 2D images, both rendered and wire frame, that can be extracted from these models are endless. Technical drawings like this will find their way into ads, brochures, dealer point of purchase displays and web imagery.

3D images and animation are just two more ways Malibu Boats is proving that there is something special here.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Malibu Boats Having Halloween Fun

The Malibu Factory Team is as much about having fun as they are dedicated to building the number one selling water sports boat in the world. Fun is so engrained in us it even in our mission statement. "Build the best boat, for a fair price and have fun doing it."

This is why Hallowen is so fun at Malibu Boats. Many of our team members dress up and show off their creativity in costume. This year on Halloween the halls of Malibu Boats were filled with 80's rockers, Nacho Libre, the Flinstones, the walking dead and much more.

Our people are as much fun as our boats... There's something special here.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

GM Visits Malibu Boats For a Peek at Newest Corvette

Malibu designers gave General Motors Trademark and Licensing representatives a preliminary look at the 2008 Malibu Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V.

Gene Reamer, Trademark and Licensing Manager for GM, was impressed with what he saw. "The boat looks great! I am very pleased to see Malibu has incorporated so many Corvette styling cues and features into the boat, including the cove, stainless steel exhaust tips and LS7 engine (available in the Z06 version)."

Reamer and his associates visited the Malibu Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V in the final stages of development. Malibu designers and engineers are fine tuning the interior design and exploring the boats exceptional abilities on the water.

Visit the gallery we have posted for the Malibu Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V.

"The C6 version of the Corvette boat has sparked innovation and the use of technologies never before seen in the water sports industry," explained Dan Gasper, Director of the Malibu Boats Research and Development Center and Lead Designer.

Based on the 2008 C6 Corvette, this Malibu will be available in Coupe and Z06 editions. The Z06 package includes the 512 horsepower, 7.0L, LS7. This engine pumps out 637 Nm of torque and is joined by Z06 emblems and trailer wheels in the Z06 package.

"I'm impressed with Malibu's ability to execute a true Corvette boat," Reamer concluded. "They have created a unique water craft that demonstrates Malibu's design and engineering capabilities."

Scheduled to be unveiled in November at the Malibu Boats 2007 Dealer Meeting, a detailed press release on the Corvette boat will be distributed directly after the ceremony. Malibu's Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V will be available through select Malibu Boats dealers. Look for it in showrooms this winter and if history repeats, they won't be there for long. Reserve your 2008 Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V today.

More Malibu Corvette Boat related information:
Rumor Confirmation: The Corvette boat is coming back!

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Features On Top of Features: New Rider Presets

Our mission statement begins with "Build the best boat..." and continues with "...for a fair price...". To fulfill this pledge we build innovation and technology into our boats as standard features. This is how we honor our commitment to excellence and to our family of owners. They deserver the best boat for a fair price and we are giving them that with a host of new standard features like customizable Rider Presets.

For 2008 we have introduced a new Multiplexed Switching System, standard in almost all 2008 Malibu boats. This system has added technology to our boats to allow for new standard features like Rider Presets. Presets add value to your Malibu boat, allowing you to create as many as ten separate rider profiles that designate a specific speed, ballast levels and Power Wedge position when available.

The Malibu Boats Pro Team had a chance to try out the new Preset system during several of the DVD shoots over the last couple of months. They are hooked! Especially riders like Darin Shapiro and Gerry Nunn who teach wakeboarding on a regular basis.

We filmed Shapiro with a student last week and he was amazed at how much time the Presets saved him. "The Malibu Presets save my students and me time." Shapiro told us. "It may not sound like a big deal, but when I have four or five students in the boat and they each have a different riding level with varying speeds, ballast and Power Wedge settings, it takes time to get everything dialed in." Shapiro continued, "With the new Presets from Malibu, I select a student's Preset and engage. There's no time wasted trying to recall just where we had the Wedge or what speed I was pulling them at. It is automatic."

Check out Shapiro's school Ride the Spot.

Your 2008 Malibu boat also comes with Factory Presets. These built-in profiles were set by us, at the factory. You can choose among Factory Presets like Wakeboard Beginner, Wakeboard Intermediate, Wakeboard Advanced, Surf Right, Surf Left and Go Home. The Go Home Preset simply empties all ballast, stows the Wedge and sets the speed control to off.

To choose a Preset, push the Cruise button to the left of your In-dash LCD twice. This will take you to the Preset screen. You can scroll up and down this menu using the arrows to the right of your LCD. Arrow down to the Preset you wish to engage. Once the desired Preset is highlighted push the red button, on the left of LCD. This will cause the Preset to engage.

Depending on the Preset chosen and the way your Malibu boat is equipped, Precision Pro Speed Control will be set, ballast tanks will fill and the Patented Power Wedge will move into position.

If you have found the sweet riding spot behind your Malibu boat and you want to create your own Preset. It's simple. With the speed control, ballast and Power Wedge set to your sweet spot, push the "cruise" button twice. Then scroll down to an empty Preset location and push the "E" button to edit this Preset and add your sweet spot setting. With "Name" highlight push the "E" button. Using the arrow buttons you will be able to name your Preset "MySweetSpot". Then scroll down to "Save Preset" and push the "E" button again. This will save your new Preset and take you back to the main Preset screen. Now anytime you want to recall those sweet spot settings for a riding session simple select "MySweetSpot" in your Preset menu.

You can overwrite any of the factory Presets if you choose to. Using the procedure outlined above, just highlighting the factory Preset you wish to overwrite instead of an empty one.

And if you find that you would like to restore your factory Presets at some point. You can do that too. Go to the Setup menu and highlight "Presets" and push the "E" button. Then push "E" again to reset and you are back to where you started.

For more detailed instruction on Malibu Presets download theMalibu Boat Owner's Manual: Preset Section.

The new Malibu Boats Presets are just one more standard feature in a long list. Advancements like this prove we continue to strive to build you the best boat, for a fair price and fun doing it. That is our mission and we will never stop pushing limits to achieve it.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Relating to Malibu: Tom King Phototgraphy

At Malibu Boats relationships are as valuable as the boats we produce. This truth is visible in our unwavering customer service efforts as well as our endless innovations made possible through strong vendor ties. But the relationships further removed from the selling and production of the boats themselves are just as important.

This week I thought you might be interested to learn about the long standing friendship and business relationship we share with Tom King of Tom King Photography. Tom has been taking photos for Malibu Boats for 17 years. His images of Malibu boats have appeared in 18 brochures as well as countless ads and other marketing media.

To view a gallery of Tom King's Malibu Boats photography as well as some fun shots of Tom visit Malibu Boats on .

We have augmented the Malibu Boats portfolio with other photographers over the years, when the need arises, but Tom has remained a constant. Why you ask? Simple... Tom has the vision and the "can do" attitude that we seek in our partners.

We dream big at Malibu and because of that we are always pushing limits. Tom is also a pusher of limits. He has captured scenes with a boat and/or a water sports athlete that defy comprehension. ( Tom doesn't see the reasons why something can't be done. He makes things happen and often times the result he captures is better than we could have imagined.

Tom's supporting cast also has a lot to do with his success as a photographer and the amazing images he captures for Malibu Boats. Tom's photo boat driver, T.,J. Beatty and his assistant Rob Snow are both part of Tom's winning team. T.J. drives the photo boat and builds the rigs, while Rob takes the role of digital tech, now that the industry has moved to digital photography, and camera assistant. Thanks to the excellent relationship Tom shares with these two, he can concentrate on vision and of course the important process of point, focus and click.

Tom has been in the industry for more than 25 years. He was one of the first professional water sports photographers. Yet he still manages to reinvent himself and hone his craft to remain competitive and sharp. Like Malibu Boats he is on top, but continues to push himself and others around him to be better.

Most recently Tom has gone digital. The 2008 Malibu Boats brochure is comprised almost entirely of digital photography and it has never looked more beautiful or showcased the boats better.

Tom is an integral part of the Malibu Team. His talent and the talent of the individuals supporting him help make us better. Having the power of his keen eye, imagination and follow-through, allows Malibu Boats to push limits even in the area of photography and marketing. We know no limits thanks to relationships like this one.

Malibu Boats and Tom King Photography, pushing limits.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Rumor Confirmation: The Corvette boat is coming back!

The rumors are true. Malibu Boats has been selected by General Motors to produce the new Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V. A water sports boat designed by the World’s #1 selling tow boat manufacturer with the Corvette brand of Americana and the car’s distinct style.

The Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V will be the 3rd generation Corvette boat from Malibu. GM tasked Malibu Boats with creating C4 and C5 versions a decade ago. Now, in the 21st century, Malibu is utilizing advanced technologies to make this new Corvette boat even more amazing than its predecessors.

Based on the 2008 C6 Corvette, this Malibu will be available in Coupe and Z06 editions. The Z06 package includes the 505 horse power, 7.0L, LS7. This engine pumps out 470 lb.-ft. of torque and is joined by Z06 emblems and trailer wheels in the Z06 package.

Scheduled to be unveiled in November at the Malibu Boats 2007 Dealer Meeting, a detailed press release on the Corvette boat will be distributed directly after the ceremony. Malibu’s Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V will be available through select Malibu Boats dealers. Look for it in showrooms this winter and if history repeats, they won’t be there for long. Reserve your 2008 Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V today.

Monday, September 24, 2007

2008 DVD: Pushing Limits.

How would you respond if you were asked to capture the story of 14 distinctly different 2008 Malibu boats in four days? The award winning Malibu Boats team answered by putting 13,000 feet of film and 8 hours of high definition tape in the can. And this is not just point and shoot stuff. This footage is comprised of some of the most descriptive and beautiful images ever captured for Malibu Boats. High-speed action to water sports and family lifestyle to slow interior pans to detail shots to testimonials, the 2008 DVD will have it all. Malibu factory personnel, pro riders and camera crew pulled together to make the impossible, possible and the end result is poised to be another collector's item for boating enthusiasts. The 2008 Malibu Boats DVD.

To view a photo gallery representing the 2008 DVD Shoot go to Malibu Boats on

Visit your local Malibu Boats dealer in late December or drop by your area boat show to get your hands on a copy of 2008 Malibu Boats DVD.

Malibu Boats. Pushing limits.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Malibu Video Live!!!

We have just posted new Malibu videos in the Extras section of the web site. Go to and click on the "Video" link in the center menu bar.

Currently you can view any of these five Malibu movies clips.
The Malibu Boats Creed
The Making of the 2006 Malibu Boats DVD
The 2006 Malibu Boats DVD Intro
The 2007 Malibu Boat DVD Performance Section
The 2007 Malibu Boat DVD Eye Candy Section

These movies clips are also available on You Tube ( and the Malibu Boats My Space page.

As new Malbu Boats videos become available they will be posted in the same way. Stay tuned!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Feelin' froggy?

Team Malibu rider Phillip Soven leapt to the top podium finish at the WWA Wakeboard Worlds in Reno, Nevada. For the full story visit

Soven has hit his professional stride this season both on the water and off. In this the season of his 18th year of life, Soven has collected top honors at Wake stock, a first place finish on the Pro Tour and most recently a win at WWA Wakeboard Worlds. This kid is on fire! But maybe even more impressive than this string off wins... the maturity with which he has earned them.

The froggy has leapt. Soven is a seasoned rider now and perhaps even more important he is conducting himself as an adult on the water and in his everyday dealings.

We at Malibu are very proud of Phillip as well as the athlete/person he is becoming. Congratulations, Phillip!

Monday, July 23, 2007

2008 iSpec is not far behind.

The programmers and 3D artists at Malibu Boat have been hard at work on 2008 iSpec for about a year. This new version of our boat specification and building program is a complete redesign. The interface has been revamped, the boat graphics were recreated from scratch and now the overall functionality of this utility is off the charts. Our dealer network has been using 2008 iSpec to place all of their 2008 boat orders and the response has been phenomenal. On August 6, 2007 it will be released to you.

2008 iSpec offers a four-step build process. First you pick your model, then your gel coat composition and colors, then your options and finally you view a summary of your build and choose to print, submit or save your new Malibu boat.

Step 1, model choice, allows you to choose among 13 different models based on the interior view. This is helpful if you are not familiar with Malibu boat models. You can see at a glance if the Wakesetter VLX has the right seating arrangement and length for your family. This step will allow you to narrow your boat choice more quickly and accurately.

Step 2, color and composition choice, gives you an unparalleled four views of the boat as you are building. 3/4 front, 3/4 rear, profile and interior views are all available in this step. Malibu's intricate gel coat and upholstery patterns can look different form the front, the side, the rear and the interior. 2008 iSpec gives you the tools you need to choose colors and view them from all angles. This way there are no doubts once you place your order.

Step 3, options, takes you through a list of available options so you can truly customize your Malibu boat. This step shows you all possibilities and it gives your dealer a more informed idea of the boat you want to own.

Step 4, summery/print/submit/save, is perhaps the most valuable of all four steps. Here you can see a summary of the Malibu you have built. You can save this boat to recall at a later time to view or edit. You can print this boat to share with your family and friends. And when you are ready to get a quote from your nearest Malibu dealer you can submit this boat for dealer review.

2008 iSpec is just one more way Malibu is increasing the functionality of our online presense.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The 2008 Malibu Web Site is officially live!

The 2008 Malibu Boats Web Site was designed with you in mind. It is navigation friendly and information rich. The web site features exclusive Malibu photography and content. We have even added features like this blog and owner stories to increase your interaction with Malibu Boats and other Malibu enthusiasts. We are in the process of adding more flash and video to the site. And all of this has been done to increase the usability of the web site for you.

Now that the site is up we hope you will take the time comment here on the 'bu Blog. We would appreciate your input.

Thank you and enjoy.