Friday, July 3, 2009

Team Malibu Extreme Jumper June Fladborg

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark Nov. 20, 1977 Team Malibu's June Fladborg now splits her time between Australia and Denmark training herself and others for professional level competition. June is a member of the Malibu Boats Professional Water Ski Team focusing on the high flying discipline of Extreme Jumping. When June is not conditioning herself and striving to lengthen her performances on the water she is counseling other professional athletes on diet as well as strength training, fitness and the mental aspects of winning.

"To make it to the top in the sport of water-skiing a big part of my life has been centered on my training and preparation for tournaments. I have spent a lot of time in physical and mental training." June wrote in an online bio. June went on to write, " has always been natural for me to keep my focus on nutrition since it has accompanied me with the results and performances I achieved."

June trains behind the World Record-breaking Malibu Response LXi now, but has been pulled by Malibu Boats for years. June's home training facilities include Vallensbaek, where EAME Team Championships will be held this year, and Hazelwood Ski Center in Lincoln, England. Discovered by Malibu Boats International Sale Manager, Bo Lassen, June has always showed an enormous amount of talent and promise. Bo saw it from the beginning. Now she is coming on even stronger. Bo and the rest of us at Malibu Boats believe the 2009 season is June's to win! Her competition results so far are proving that belief.

June's most recent achievement in the world of water sports was a 54m jump to capture the Danish and Scandinavian Women's Jump Record. This feat was accomplished on June 22nd, 2009.

June also put in a great performance at the 50th US Masters. The pressure was on with a 160 feet to take the lead, she answered with a massive 172 foot jump. June captured the titles at Moomba Masters and the LA NightJam as well. She is already having a great season and this is just the beginning.

June's educational background is in Nutrition with a specialty in health and sports. She is a certified trainer in Denmark and is currently seeking the same certification in the US. June also continues her education in Australia, where she lives half the year, by taking courses in anatomy, physiology, chemistry in Copenhagen and Sports psychology.

To learn more about Team Malibu's June Fladborg visit her web site at

Congratulations on the success your have experienced so far this season, June. Your Malibu Boats family is pulling for you! Literally and figuratively!

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