Thursday, January 29, 2009

Experience Malibu Boats Truth on the Water in Austin

Decorated Austin Area Malibu Boats Dealer, Central Texas Water Sports, is hosting a Truth is on the Water Day February, 7th from 10:00am to 3:00pm at the famous Hula Hut on Lake Austin.

Whether you are only interested in testing a Malibu or you would like to invite a competing towboat brand for a head-to-head evaluation, Central Texas Water Sports is inviting you to this event.
They will have the Wakesetter VTX, the all new Wakesetter VLX, Wakesetter 23 LSV and the new 21 vRide available to test. The other side of the dock will be reserved for any competitor boats who accept the Truth is on the Water Challenge.
Read all the brochures you want, watch all the DVDs, listen to all the sales people, then take a test drive in a Malibu. We're confident you'll understand immediately that the performance of a Malibu boat is significantly better, on the water. Where it counts. The truth is on the water.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Minnesota Inboard Wins 2009 Best of Show Award

Long-time Malibu Boats Dealer Minnesota Inboard brought home a 2009 Best of Show Award from the Minneapolis Boat Show. They were honored in the "Bulk Display" category. Their booth was amazing and it received a ton of attention from show organizers and visitors alike.

To see some shots of the MN Inboard booth visit the Malibu Boats Gallery.

We are extremely proud to call Minnesota Inboard a Malibu Boats Dealer. They continue to push limits and to be honored for those efforts. Wat to go Joe, Matt and Pam!

Check out a Malibu Boats Show near you.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Malibu Engineer Gets Thumbs Up at Minnesota Boat Show

Adam Perez scoped this post out on the Malibu Crew. It's about one of our engineers, Shane Stillman. Shane happens to be working the Minnesota Boat Show this weekend with long-time Malibu dealer Minnesota Inboard. And according to this post he's a big hit! We've always thought so too, Arctic Slalom.

Among other things he's our pro photoboat driver, as shown in this photo. He does it all and Malibu is lucky to have him.

Read Artic Slalom's post on

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

January '09 Malibu Boats E-newsletter Up

The first issue of the 2009 Malibu Boats Review E-newsletter was posted online this morning. The January issue of the Malibu Review E-newsletter features information on the Big Air! Big Screen! Big Savings! Boat Show Promotion. Learn about the Malibu Boats Truth is on the Water Challenge. Read the tips section and learn how to connect video sources to MaliView, read the Taylor Family's Malibu Christmas story and meet Malibu Boats Team Rider Kevin Henshaw. Look-up your nearest Malibu Boats Show. And check out Malibu gear like the new Malibu Backpack made by Ogio.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Malibu Boats Truth is on the Water Challenge

When a boat is on the water, boat dealers and manufacturers can’t hide behind false claims, sales tactics or marketing hype. An on-the-water demonstration offers a level of guaranteed truth that is not certain in a dealership or at a boat show. For these reasons Malibu Boats has developed a custom event that can be initiated by the buyer to gather the boats of their choosing in one location for a true side by side comparison. The Malibu Boats Truth is on the Water Challenge calls out competing boat dealers and encourages them to put their boat on the water for you, where it counts most. On the water you benefit from a completely accurate picture of your water sports boat choices. Once you are in a Malibu boat on the water, the decision will be clear. Malibu Boats, the truth is on the water.

Local Malibu Dealers are extending invitations, at your request, to competing water sports boat dealers to take the Truth is on the Water Challenge. Bring your family, your friends and your gear so you can accurately gauge the usability of these boats on the water. You pick the time, the place and the participants. Your Malibu dealer will create a custom invitation for you to deliver to the boat brands you would like to participate in this on-the-water assessment. If the competition accepts the challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to evaluate Malibu and the other guys side by side on usable storage, ergonomics, handling, ride, water sports performance and more. The Truth on the Water Challenge will get your top brands together on a lake near you to answer all of your questions honestly.

Contact your local Malibu Boats dealer or visit your nearest 2009 boat show to set up a Truth is on the Water Challenge. This event will give you definitive answers to all of your water sports boat buying questions. Even if the competing boat dealers you have chosen don’t accept the challenge, take this opportunity to test drive a Malibu boat. The truth is on the water and Malibu Boats knows once you test their boats in a real-world boating situation you won’t own any other brand.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boardshorts, Bulls and Bikini’s returns to Gilley’s Dallas just posted the full scoop on this year's Boardshorts, Bulls and Bikini’s event at Gilley's in Dallas, TX.

Some of the top regional and pro wakeboarders in the country will be returning to North Texas on February 7th to participate in the 4th Annual Boardshorts, Bulls and Bikinis event at Gilley's Dallas!

This unique event, presented by Malibu Boats and Monster Energy Drink, features a pool-gap rail jam contest in the parking lot of the infamous honky-tonk, followed by a bull-riding contest on Gilley's legendary mechanical bull. Riders will be competing for cash and one of two Boardshorts, Bulls and Bikinis custom silver belt buckles!

The rail jam contest starts at 8:30p.m. and is free to the public. The after-party is open to anyone 18 or older with $10 paid admission. Gilley's is located at 1135 South Lamar just south of downtown Dallas. For more information, visit

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Demo An '09 Malibu Boat Near Portland This Saturday

If you are in the Portland area and looking to test drive a the new Wakesetter VLX or any of the '09 Malibus clear your schedule for this Saturday, January 17th. Bridge City Watersports is hosting an Malibu Boats Demo Day. Make your reservation to test drive any of the new 2009 Malibu boats.

Malibu Boats Big Air! Big Screen! Big Savings! boat Show Pormotion and discounts have been extended through this Demo Day. Also refreshments and warm shelter will be provided.

The Bridge City Watersports Demo Day is Saturday January 17th, 10am - 4pm at Willamette Park, 1100 12th Street, West Linn, OR. Check out this map or directions to the event.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I wanna be Malibu ballast when I grow up!

We met Albert IIII (7) and his dad Albert III yesterday at the Houston Boat Show. Both Als really liked the Wakesetter VTX. In fact, little Albert tried out a new career ambition, rear ballast. Once I told him there were already ballast tanks beneath the floor in this boat, Albert realized he might like riding in and behind the boat more than hanging out in the storage area, even if it is a comfortably big hide out.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hot Wakesetter 23 LSV At Houston Boat Show

Here at the Houston Boat Show surrounded by the world's best selling wakeboard boats. Visit this 2009 Wakesetter 23 LSV at the Houston Boat Show along with 13 of it's Malibu brothers. Or visit and click the the news links to find the 2009 Boat Show List to get to a show near you.

Malibu Boats Tips: Connectiong Video Sources to MaliView

Malibu Boats makes water sports boating easier and more fun with exclusive instrumentation technology. The new MaliView Dash System increases the size of the in-dash LCD to 6.5 inches and transforms the display to color with home theater-style resolution, visible in full sun. MaliView allows you to control, monitor and customize boat functions with intuitive 10-button navigation. The new dash display also gives you the ability to view video on the water, from a variety of sources, live or recorded.

You can connect your iPod® or iPhone® to MaliView for playing music videos, movies and TV shows. Do you have trouble seeing the LCD on your digital camera when you are snapping photos from your boat? Hook your camera to MaliView and preview images on the high contrast 6.5-inch color screen. Connect your video camera to MaliView and record the action in and out of the boat allowing passengers to see the footage live. Or playback that last sick run for everyone to enjoy and critique. If you are looking for even more on the water entertainment connect a portable DVD player or a gaming console. If it has component or RCA connections you can plug into MaliView.

Connect your iPod® or iPhone® to MaliView using the Apple Component AV Cable and the Malibu Audio Adapter. You will need to purchase the component cable separately from The audio adapter is provided by Malibu if your boat is equipped with the MaliView Dash System. With these two tools you can easily connect your iPod or iPhone to the MaliView video and audio inputs. The Apple Component AV Cable also features a USB connector, and a USB Power Adapter, but remember the USB connection in your boat’s glove box is not a power source and will NOT power your iPod in the boat. You will have to use the 12-volt power point to power your device if it is not charged.

Connect the Apple Component AV Cable 30-pin dock connector to your iPod or iPhone. Then plug the red and white tipped component (RCA) cables into the Malibu Audio Adapter and finally the adapter connects to the audio input in the glove box. This connection will deliver the sound accompanying your video to the stereo system. The yellow tipped component (RCA) cable is for video. This cable must be connected to video input in the glove box.

Once all of these connections are made, select a music video, movie, TV show, etc on your iPod or iPhone and play. Push the “Media” button twice on MaliView’s 10-button navigation. This will switch on the glove box video input and display the video playing from the iPod or iPhone on the color 6.5-inch LCD. To get back to a previous MaliView screen simply choose the appropriate button. (Ex. Gauges, Presets, Cruise, Etc.)

Digital Camera (still)
Connect your digital camera to MaliView to preview your still images on the 6.5-inch color LCD rather than a small screen that is difficult to see in the sun. Most digital still cameras come with a video (RCA) cable. The yellow end of this cable will plug into the MaliView video input located in the glove box, while the other end connects to the camera’s video output port.

Push the “Media” button twice on MaliView’s 10-button navigation. This will switch on the glove box video input. Once connected and the camera is powered on, the video cable delivers the still images stored on the camera’s memory card to MaliView. By setting the camera to “play” and navigating the image collection with the camera’s controls, the photos will be displayed on the 6.5-inch color MaliView LCD. To get back to a previous MaliView screen simply choose the appropriate button. (Ex. Gauges, Presets, Cruise, Etc.)

Video Camera
You can also connect your video camera to the MaliView Dash System using the AV (RCA) cable that comes with most video cameras. Performing this connection will allow you to display live or recorded video on MaliView with your video camera. This means you could send live rider footage to the driver while a wakeboarder is in tow. Or you and the rest of the boat crew can gather around MaliView to critique the last rider’s run you recorded.

The camera’s included RCA cable connects the camera’s Video/Audio Out to MaliView audio and video inputs. The connecting cable has three RCA plugs, one red, one white and one yellow. The red and white carry the audio signal while yellow carries the video signal. Plug the red and white component (RCA) plugs into the Malibu Audio Adapter and finally the adapter connects to the audio input in the glove box. This connection will deliver the sound accompanying your video to the stereo system. The yellow component (RCA) plug will send the video to MaliView. This cable must be connected to video input in the glove box.

Push the “Media” button twice on MaliView’s 10-button navigation. This will switch on the glove box video input. Once connected and powered the video camera can be set to play or record. Then the AV cable will deliver live or recorded video and audio to MaliView and the boat’s sound system. To get back to a previous MaliView screen simply choose the appropriate button. (Ex. Gauges, Presets, Cruise, Etc.)

Other Video Output Devices
Connect any device with video and/or audio RCA outputs to MaliView. This list of devices includes gaming consoles like Wii®, Xbox® and Playstation® as well as portable DVD players. When connecting any device that requires AC power an appropriately sized inverter must be used. The possibilities are endless with exclusive MaliView technology form Malibu Boats. Finding more ways for you to have fun on the water, Malibu Boats.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Malibu Pro Team Challenge FUEL TV Schedule

Broadcast Schedule

Date - Time - Zone

Tuesday, January 6th - 1:00PM - Eastern

Sunday, January 11th - 11:30PM - Eastern

Saturday, January 17th - 3:00PM - Eastern

Tuesday, January 20th - 10:00PM - Eastern

Wednesday, January 28th - 4:00PM - Eastern

Tuesday, February 3rd - 10:00PM - Eastern

Wednesday, February 11th - 4:00PM - Eastern

Friday, February 27th - 12:00PM - Eastern

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