Thursday, October 27, 2011

Regina Wins Four Medals at Pan Am Games

Congrats to Regina Jaquess on her recent success at the XVI Pan American Games, Oct. 20-23, at Boca Laguna in Chapala, Mexico. Jaquess led the way for the U.S. Team, winning four medals. She also set four Pan American Games’ records and one pending world record. She has now won 10 medals in three Pan American Games’ appearances, the most of any U.S. water ski athlete. She won gold medals in women’s overall (2,955.71 points), slalom (3 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off) and jumping (166 feet/50.6 meters). She earned the bronze medal in women’s tricks (6,090 points).

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Active Water Sports goes for a ride behind the Wakesetter 22 MXZ!

Active Water Sports (@gregwaters)
left everyone on the edge of the dock with with their first MXZ teaser video not too long ago. Now, they have done it again... This time, they give everyone something to work with! Check out Greg Waters, Dan Lay, Ryan Potter and Zach Shneider shred behind the Malibu (@malibuboats) Wakesetter 22 MXZ. Another great video done by our friends at Active Water Sports! A little wakeboarding... a little surfing, and TONS of fun behind a gorgeous Stratosphere Blue MXZ! Click the video preview image above to watch.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Malibu Salesman Takes Gold In Canada

On August 26-28, over 80 participants rode in the Canadian Wakeboarding Championships in Kamloops, British Colombia. Mathieu Lizotte, a Malibu and Axis salesman from Aqua Sport Marine in Quebec, was the only "Frenchy" to bring home a gold medal, placing first in the Masters Division.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Check out Brian Grubb's PRO SPOTLIGHT from the current issue of TransWorld WAKEBOARDING. CLICK HERE

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Will Asher Named Slalom Skier Of The Year

From WATERSKI Magazine ( "There was no award that caused more heated debate among our colleagues than male slalom skier of the year. With Thomas Degasperi banking wins this season and Nate Smith running 41 off in pro events, the choice is difficult. However, WILL ASHER’s competitive stats and electrifying skiing speaks for itself, and he continues to lead in an era where the talent pool is extremely deep. Just when it begins to seem as though any skier could win on any weekend, Asher continues to gather the majority of the titles. With four major wins in the second half of 2010 and a big victory at this year’s Malibu Open, his no-nonsense mental toughness continually takes him to the top step of the podium. With his dogged determination and unmatched work ethic, Will Asher is the guy to beat at any event he enters."
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Malibu Owner Rides For LIVESTRONG

21-year-old Alexa Score is a pro wakeboarder from Spicer, Minnesota now living in Orlando, Florida. 2011 was her first year competing in the pro division and she’s currently ranked ninth on the Queen Of Wake tour. She is passionate about being on the water and also supporting cancer survivors and those affected by the disease. Alexa was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in 2006 at age 16 and is still being treated with oral chemotherapy, although there is only a trace of cancer still in her blood. She will always continue to push herself on the water while gaining support for cancer awareness.

Check out Alexa's Facebook athlete page at:

For more images and information, visit the LIVESTRONG blog:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Regina Jaquess Speaks On New World Record

Slalom Champ Raises The Bar to 2 Buoys @ 41' Off

It was like déjà vu. Regina Jaquess walked into the Eddie Green Budweiser Octoberfest with fond memories. Exactly one year ago, she signed with Malibu Boats and set a world record at the same site, getting through 1 & 1/2 buoys at 41' off behind the Response LXi. This year, on the first day of October, this 27-year-old competitor would have an opportunity to top her own record and she was psyched to give it a crack behind the all-new Response TXi.

The event took place on Lake Louie, where Regina resides in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. It's also the site where the legendary Cory Pickos runs the Pickos World Ski Center. After sailing through the full course at 39' off (something only five women have ever accomplished), Regina set her sights on 41' off. This is a totally different ballgame, because when the 34-foot rope is outstretched alongside the boat traveling 34 m.p.h., the handle is still 3.5 feet away from the skier's buoy. That's where Regina is at a slight disadvantage at 5'4" tall, compared to her other competitors with a longer reach. But she was able to combine her skill, focus and intense training to make history as she carved around both the one and two-ball, entering into a territory no other woman has ever been.

"That was a great feeling," Regina said as she climbed onboard the TXi, which has been getting rave reviews. "This boat is driving way better than any boat out there. It's not pushing as much water and the wakes are smaller and softer." She's also noticing something that every slalom skier wants more of, "When you make your edge change, you gain so much free time. It helps you swing and really maximize every inch of the course. You are always connected with this boat."

Driver Chad Scott has now towed the current world record for both men and women and knows exactly what he wants out of a towboat for peak slalom performance. "This boat drives down the course on a rail. It's glued to the water, but you still have the ability to react if you need to. There's less counter-steering involved compared to other boats because the TXi has no slide, no floating feeling. But it's still maneuverable and easy to drive. There were some really good scores behind it all weekend in every division. The TXi is the best boat I've ever driven."

On Monday morning after the event, Regina shifted gears to another focus of hers, where she is part-owner at a local pharmacy. Regardless of the inherent, lack of adrenaline around the office, she was still buzzing from her killer performance. Regina took time to reflect on the past year and values her role on Team Malibu tremendously. "Between Will Asher, Thomas Degasperi and myself, we really feel like a special crew. Malibu's staff takes time to make sure we are taken care of and you don't always see that out of a boat company. When you know they are there to back you up, you can't ask for anything more as an athlete. In the end, they are just pushing themselves to be the best boat out there. I've driven every boat on the market today and the TXi is the best… hands down."

Video:Watch Regina break her previous World Record Run


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A day with Jake Owen

Not even a busy country-wide tour with Keith Urban could stop country music recording artist Jake Owen (@jakeowen) from riding behind the new Malibu (@malibuboats) Wakesetter 22 MXZ.

We were fortunate enough to hang out with Jake, and spend the day riding, eating, and just getting to know Jake more! There wasn't much time for talking though, as Jake was on the water, and enjoying his quick time off from the tour. He was stoked on the Wakesetter 22 MXZ and had great things to say about it! Jake loved the rampy wakes for wakeboarding and the big and tall wave he surfed behind!

Jake got the opportunity to hit his first rail and nailed it (Which is a good thing, no one would want to see him in concert with a cast on)

He claimed to have gone so big behind the 22 MXZ that we could not keep him in the camera's frame! Always fun and a pleasure to hang out with Jake and his crew!

Chad Borba (Etco Marine) | Jake Owen | Adam Perez (Malibu Boats)

If you get a chance, Check out Jakes tour stop in your area:

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Malibu and Axis Make Big Impact At Surf Expo


Surf Expo is undoubtedly the industry's biggest weekend of the year. In 2011, Malibu Boats dug deep with intentions to make a big impact. With the launch of two new models, the Wakesetter 22 MXZ and Response TXi, all eyes were on the boats and the team was psyched to show them off.

The trade show kicked off with a bang on Thursday morning, with our booth featuring a sparkling metallic, dark blue/white MXZ and a metallic Charcoal/Reuben Axis A22. Besides talk of the perfect wakes, plush amenities and the spacious bow on the MXZ, anticipation was creeping for the 8th Annual Wake Awards that evening. Malibu went big, securing an 80-person VIP list and coming on board as a title sponsor.

Excitement set in early, during the WSIA Industry awards, where Malibu won "Best Ad Campaign." Ad creative and photography was a big focus this year, and it was an honor to take home this coveted award. Special thanks to Larry Meddock of the WSIA and our incredible photographer, Tom King. Also, congrats to Chessie Marine for their hard work resulting in the "Break Out Dealer Of The Year" award as well as Tommy's Slalom shop for winning top honors as "Retailer Of The Year." "Best Promotion" went to Active Watersports, which made a clean sweep for all three retailer awards going to Malibu dealers!

Friday's action was shared between the trade show and Malibu's on-water demo day in Windermere, just minutes from Surf Expo. Team rider Brian Grubb brought his all-black 23 LSV, which is still one of the most appealing boats on the water today. Over 20 dealers showed up from places all over the world like Argentina and Poland to get a first glimpse of the new MXZ and TXi. Eddie Trogdon, an active INT League member was on hand and we also saw appearances from owners like David Henderson and his son Hunter, (8), who just took first place in the Junior Boys division at the WWA World Championships.

The Response TXi already made its mark at the Malibu Open in August, but here, the dealers got a chance to take it for a spin, including Mark Watts from Liquid Sports in Orlando as well as Tommy Phillips from Tommy's Slalom Shop in Denver, Colorado. Tommy was impressed with his continuing tests of the Response TXi. "The TXi handles like a dream, has no wake at 15 and 22 off and very little fluff," Tommy said. "All the skiers at our ski school think it's their favorite boat of all time and I would agree. The drivers seat feels secure and you have command of the boat. There is no glare off the dash like other boats and the simplicity of the operating system is a big plus."

With deep roots in wakeboarding, going back to literally day one, Tommy knows what his customers are looking for in boat design and he likes how the MXZ accommodates everyone. "The MXZ has great wakes for all levels," Tommy said. "Very rampy, clean and smooth! The bow space is maximized and we had four people comfortable up front and they could see all the action as Chad Sharpe put on a show. Deep storage allowed us to have ten people comfortably on board with lots of gear stowed. The auto pull up feature will turn new boat owners into pros at driving their family and friends."

The Auto Pull-Up feature Tommy speaks of is another unprecedented innovation from Malibu and Indmar, and implemented into the line by Danny Gasper, Malibu's Director of Product Design. It allows a rider or skier to record the rate of acceleration they prefer, and the driver just punches the throttle and you will get the same start every time.

The MXZ's Hi-Flow ballast pumps were also a hit. The hoses were enlarged to 1-1/8" with an 1100 GPH pump, which allows an increase in filling speed from 40-50 percent. The riders on hand were impressed with the wake without having to add any additional ballast. Phillip Soven actually got to take this gem home with him.

Dealers came into Saturday's trade show amping on the new boats, and it was a great plus to be able to have them share the on-water experience with others. Lani Farmer also attended the WSIA meeting on Sunday morning, where the board of directors discussed and voted on multiple issues affecting our waterways and industry.

Overall, the Malibu staff and dealers considered Surf Expo weekend a home run. The factory is busy churning out new orders and the sales team are getting geared up for boat show season. Look for new videos from demo day in a matter of days! For any questions, please email Kevin Michael at


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