Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ride the Wake - Malibu Boats Spot

This is the Malibu Boats promotional spot created for the Ride The Wake wakeboard movie. Check it out.

Boating and Good Friends Help Heal.

Sure boating and water sports are fun and we have seen these hobbies bring families closer, but can these pastimes actually help heal? The Whittet Family is an example of Malibu boat owners who are looking for togetherness on the boat to help their healing process. The Whittets' son Zach passed away in a car accident earlier this year. Together with their friends at the Ski Shack, Greg, Jolie Ann and their six-year-old daughter are throwing themselves into the activity that brought Zach and the entire family so much joy, prior to his death.

The Whittet family was new to water sports in 2002. It was during this time they purchased a Malibu boat from the Ski Shack and became a wakeboarding family. There was no one in their family more profoundly affected by their purchase than their son, Zach. He spent every summer since that time wakeboarding. It became his passion and in turn brought the family closer together.

"It [wakeboarding] became the defining nature of their family." Recalled Greg Mustain, owner of the Ski Shack and close Whittet family friend.

Zach began working for the Ski Shack, part time, several years after the boat purchase and made plans to attend college in Florida just so he could ride even more.

For most of us that work here at Malibu Boats or for one of the Malibu dealerships boating and water sports are a way of life. This is what we do day in a day out. We can begin to take for granted the fact that we sell fun and family togetherness. We can get wrapped up in our day-to-day lives and miss the fact that passion for these activities can have a large impact on a family.

Greg at the Ski Shack, e-mailed us to let us know, not only that the Whittet family dynamic was forever changed by the passion water sports ignited for them, but that they continued to find strength in that passion even after Zach's passing.

The Whittets lost Zach in a car crash in January. And even after the trauma of loosing a child, Zach's father took the time to console their friend Greg and let him know just how much his friendship and the boat he sold them meant to the Whittet family.

Check out this video: Zachs video

After Zach's death the family didn't think they would ever would be able to bring themselves to boat again. The memory of Zach and his passion for water sports was just too overwhelming. But for some reason they could not part with their Malibu. It was still the source of so many great memories and such a big part of their son's life.

Amazingly enough, the Whittets decided to purchase to a new Malibu boat. The impetus behind this decision is their 7-year-old daughter Natasha. The Whittets want her to share Zach's affinity for boating and water sports. The Ski Shack was so moved by this decision that they are selling the family this boat at cost and making the process an experience that is worthy of a tribute to Zach.

"I am just glad that they are going to remain in boating for their sake and especially for their 7-year old daughter, Natasha." Greg Mustain told us.

At a factory level, we are trying to do something special for the Whittets by creating a custom boat graphic for their boat as well as a production scrap book that chronicles the creation of their new boat. This book will be complete with photos of the employees at our Tennessee factory who are building the boat. They are all extreme anxious to show their support for the strength of this family. And we all hope that this boat gives them the strength they need to cope with their loss and continue to live a full and happy life.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Malibu Gets More Views Than Miley Cyrus

We just found out that the new Malibu Boats Randall Harris video with him wakeboarding behind his Wakesetter VLX is listed on the YouTube homepage today. At this point it has 400,839 views. The Randall video has been viewed more times than the Miley Cyrus: Vanity Fair Shoot clip and the video review of the new Grand Theft Auto game put together. Now that is huge!

If you want to watch the video you can visit the Malibu Boats YouTube Channel.

Enjoying the Ride at Malibu National Demo Day

Malibu Boats Demo Days commenced around the country on Saturday, April 26, 2008. Boat owners and potential buyers visited their nearest Malibu Boats dealer to test drive their favorite models and get together with other water sports boating enthusiasts.

The reports from participating dealers and excited attendees are coming in and it sounds like the Demo Day events were a big hit.

You can read this entire thread at
awsome! awsome! AWSOME!!!! I went for my first ride on demo day in a VTX, WOW! what a boat . everything i"ve read about is so true. I was so impressed with the throttle response. to how crisp and sharp the turns were. it was very roomy and comfortable, except when the driver made the sharp turns I thought I was gonna fly right out of the boat. I think I might have to add some seat belts. LOL! Our VTX arives in two weeks and its gonna be the longest two weeks of our lives.

To learn more about the Malibu Boats Demo Day visit the Malibu Boats website. Some Malibu Dealers have postponed their Demo Day to wait for better weather. You can find more information about those Demo Day schedules here.

Grubby Takes Home King of Wake Honors

Team Malibu Rider Brian Grubb captured the wakeskate title at Wake Games in Orlando, FL this past weekend. This is the third time Grubby has earned the top spot at this event. And since Wake Games is in its third year as a pro competition, he is truly the wakeskate king of this event.

Read more about Wake Games at

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Malibu Making Wakes and Movies

Malibu boats are being featured in a new wakeboarding movie. "Ride the Wake" showcases the water sports industry's top riders as stunt doubles executing moves behind Malibu wakeboard boats.

"Ride the Wake" is a first-of-its-kind film about a young woman coming of age just as her promising wakeboarding career is starting to take off. The cast includes Jenny Ladner , Erik Valdez, Eddie Valdez, Sonja Balmores and John Stockwell. The movie features stunt riding by some of the world's top wakeboarders including Team Malibu riders Dallas Friday and Randall Harris. Ride the Wake is directed by Jennifer Akana Sturla and produced by Zach Evans and Drew Masters of The Evans-Masters Company.

The scripted short version of "Ride The Wake" has completed production and will be released this summer. Take a look at the movie poster just released today.

For more information about the movie email

Danica is to Racing Like Dallas is to Wakeboarding

When I heard about Danica Patrick becoming the first woman in history to win an IndyCar race, it reminded me of another pioneering woman in the world of action sports, Dallas Friday. You may not hear about her accomplishments on Good Morning America, but she has been making history in water sports for the last eight years. She is the most successful female athlete our industry has ever seen both on and of the water. She dominates her discipline like no other.

Dallas joined the Malibu Boats Team back in 2000 at thirteen. She was discovered when she began competing in amateur tournaments in her hometown of Orlando, FL. Our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Paul Singer, and our Team and Event Director, Lani Farmer, paid close attention to this phenom. They met with her parents about their desire for a Malibu wakeboard boat and she became a member of our pro team not too long after that. Today she is an anchor on one of the most successful factory teams in our industry.

ESPN labeled Dallas as, "The winningest female wakeboarder in history."

Between 2003 and 2006 Dallas competing in 44 tournaments. She took home the gold in all but three of those competitions.

The only professional wakeboarder to win an ESPY, Dallas Friday, is no stranger to cutting her own path. She has done things in her career that remain unmatched by a male or female rider. From her sports titles to industry-first endorsement deals to movies and commercials to mainstream features and articles, Dallas has produced a list of accomplishments that guarantee her a place in wakeboarding history.

Dallas has even made her mark in the area of comebacks. In 2006 Dallas was involved in a near death accident. at a competition in Singapore. She shattered her femur and went into a comma in late summer of that year. Dallas suffered from acute respiratory distress syndrome, which put her on a ventilator to help her breathe.

Amazingly enough Dallas came back for the 2007 season. She put together a run of second place finishes and ended the season by capturing the title at the 2007 Wakeboard World Cup in Singapore, where she nearly died just a year earlier. Read about this event.

Dallas will be participating in her first competition of the year this weekend. The Wake Games will again be held in Orlando, Fla., at the Orlando Watersports Complex, April 24-27, 2008.

Danica's got nothing on you, Dallas. Good luck this year. Everyone at Malibu Boats is rooting for you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Randall Harris's Boat Makes Him Better

Team Malibu Factory Rider, and wakeboarding legend, Randall Harris recently was the subject of a short video clip put together by Alliance Magazine. In this video, Randall showcases his riding as well as the wakeboard boat he rides behind. Randall chooses the Malibu Wakesetter VLX.

The Vandall, as he is known, talks about the Malibu Launch System (MLS). He likes the ease of use our ballast system offers. But most of all he is crazy about the wake his Wakesetter VLX produces. Take a look at this video and Randall's amazing riding. You'll find out why.

Friday, April 18, 2008

We won't tell you your call is important to us

Automated phone systems, everybody's got one. You call into just about any company, small or large, and that call is greeted by a prerecorded or synthesized voice chanting, "Your call is important to us..." This mantra is repeated at 2-3 minute intervals until a live human being can answer the phone.

That's not the way we do it at Malibu. Talk is cheap.

Instead of trying to convince you that your call is important to us by saying it to you over and over we go a different way. We show you. We make you feel your importance to us by respecting the time you have taken to call us and actually answering the phone ourselves.

At Malibu your calls are not routed through an automated system. When you call 209-383-7469 you are not directed through a series of menus and ultimately to a call center of off-site customer service contractors.

At Malibu your calls are answered by an honest to goodness Malibu employee and because Malibu Boats is partially employee-owned there is also a good chance that you will end up talking to an actual owner of the company. You can call the main number at our headquarters in Merced, CA and be connected to just about anyone who works here. Name your poison. Which Malibu employee would you like to speak with? Paul Singer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing? Mike Sanchez, Director of Warranty and Customer Service? Dan Gasper, Director or Research and Development? Call and ask for me, Amy. I'm the only Amy here and I would love to speak with you.

There is no separation between you and us at Malibu. We recognize that you are the reason we have jobs and we treat you accordingly. Your call is important to us, but you won't hear that statement uttered by an automated attendant or looped on our on-hold message. You will feel the importance we put on you as a customer when your call is answered at Malibu Boats. We are never to busy to be bothered when it comes to a member of the Malibu family. You and your call are important to us. Believe it...

After reading the recent post, Who answers the phone?, by Seth Godin, I was inspired to make this related entry on the our blog.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And The Winner Is... Malibu Boats, Again.

We've been invited to the PowerBoat Magazine Annual Boat of the Year Awards Banquet again. The R&D boys, Dan Gasper, Paul Gaines and Shane Stillman, head to LA on May 3rd to accept our 18th product excellence award from PowerBoat Magazine. We hope it will be an unprecedented 7th consecutive Boat of the Year Award. These award totals are unmatched in the history of PowerBoat Mag. We are excited for the invite and the impending award. We'll keep you posted!

Test Drive Our Competitors... Please!

I came across a thread on this morning. It was initiated by a new site member, which makes it even more powerful in my mind. This new member recently test drove a Mastercraft XStar and a Malibu Waksetter VLX. He detailed his findings in this post

Test drove an 04 xstar last weekend and here is my opinion:
1. Poor visibility from drivers seat and passanger area, mostly due to bow rise.
2. Boat is sluggish out of hole.
3. For a 23 foot boat it did not seem very spacious for seating.
4. Great board racks.
5. Good instrument panel but in way of driver sight.
6. Handling/Performance: Power was good (350 HP), handling was poor in my opinion. Not responsive and had to slow down to make any real sharp turns.
7. Good wake but very wide.

Test drove an 07 VLX with 340 monsoon w/power wedge; here are my thoughts:
1. Great visibility with minimal bow rise.
2. Pretty strong out of hole.
3. Took chop extremely well.
4. Board racks just ok.
5. For a 21' boat the seating was more spacious than the xstar at 23'.
6. Wake: great wake, wedge offered ability to shape to your preference.
7. Handling: This boat is amazing, like comparing my Ford F150 to my Corvette. Cranked a full turn at 35 MPH, turns flat, sharp and smooth. Power was excellent and planed at 20MPH. Unbelievable.

All I can say is that the performance and handling of the Malibu compared to the xstar is far superior. Needless to say, my paperwork for purchase of this Malibu is currently in process.

The rest of the thread posts were submitted by several past Mastercraft owners who have come to the same realization as the post's originator.

At Malibu we always encourage individuals who are contemplating a Malibu boat purchase to test drive our competitors. More often than not, this exercise cements the decision for them and the process is completely objective.

By the way, is an independent Malibu boat owner's site. While this site's members are good friends of ours and all of them are members of the Malibu family, the site is not affiliated with Malibu Boats LLC in any other way.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Slalom Skier is Born!

A Slalom Skier is Born!
Originally uploaded by MalibuImages
Professional Women's Slalom Skier and Team Malibu member, Jill Knutson gave birth to a baby boy on April 6th. Koen Sander Knutson was born at 2:04 am at a modest 6 pounds 2 ounces. Mom and baby made it home from the hospital and everyone is hanging out with Koen at home. Jill's two older children, Callie (5) and Karsten (8) are great helpers! Jill says, "Callie wants to hold the baby whenever she can, I can work a little on the computer or go the bathroom while she holds him. It's the best to have older children!"

Your family at Malibu wishes you and Andy all the best Jill. Take care.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

We're Teed Off and Not taking It Anymore

Everyone and all organizations alike have been affected by cancer in some way and ,unfortunately, Malibu Boats is no exception. We have lost two members of our family, Becky Sewell and Kathy Anderson to their battles with cancer, but we refuse to loose the fight. These women inspired Malibu as a company to raise money for the American Cancer Society. So every year since their passing we have raised money for the Relay For life. Fund raising efforts have ranged from dunk tanks to Relay For Life teams to selling hot dogs in the factories at lunch. One of the most successful events is our annual golf tournament, which took place this past Saturday.

We teed it up to fight cancer at Rancho Del Ray golf course in Atwater, California. 39 teams, 156 people, participated in the 4th Annual Malibu Boats Relay For Life Golf Tournament. The tournament has been sold out for weeks. This is always a really fun event and this year was no exception. There was no shortage of Malibu boats on display
nor were we lacking Malibu Boats family and friends on the course. One of the boats at the tournament was ear-marked as a hole-in-one prize. A 2008 Sunscape 20 LSV floated near by a par 3. Although we all planned on acing that hole, it didn't happen.

Oh well, at least we raised about 10 grand. Now we are getting ready for the Merced Relay for Life. That is the next fund raising event we will participate in.

This event not only brought all of us together to raise money for a great cause and have a lot of fun. It gave us all a chance to remember those who have had their lives compromised or simply cut short by this disease. We salute their fight and wage our own battle by beating cancer back with a club, a golf club that is.

We miss you Beckster and Kathy and we will continue to be teed off at the disease that took you both form us too soon. And we are turning that anger into research dollars. We know you would be proud.

To donate contact:
American Cancer Society
301 W. 18th St. Suite 101
Merced, CA 95340
Phone #: (209) 722-3341
Email Address:

Monday, April 7, 2008

Fun Malibu Boats Music Video

This is a short video of animated 2008 photographs that Adam Perez from our Marketing department created. It gives you a quick glimpse of 2008 models set to music. Check it out...