Saturday, May 30, 2009

Team Malibu's Chad Sharpe Explains Vlog Set-up

Watson, Smith, Sharpe from chad Sharpe on Vimeo.

We were hanging out on Twitter the other day keepin' an eye on the tweets from our friends and noticed a short one from Malibu Boats Pro Team Rider Chad Sharpe (@chadesharpe). Chad announced he was adding video to his blog in cooperation with Ronix Wakeboards. So we checked it out!

If you're into riding and following Chad and his buds, this is the blog for you. He is creating regular updates so you don't have to wait long between video posts. And these clips will definitely get you your riding fix until you can get back on the water. Once you do... you'll have a whole new set of tricks to attempt from watching Chad and the guys. Chad is so dedicated to his new vlog he edited and commented on this newest video post while on the plane to Fort Worth, TX where the first Pro Tour Stop is taking place today and tomorrow.

We shot Chad a tweet (@chadesharpe) to get the particulars on the set-up he is using to capture, edit and post his videos, just in case any of you riders out there want to do the same. He is shooting with "an old vx2000"(Sony HandyCam DCR vx2000) as he describes it. He is using MAC iMovie to edit and he is posting the videos to his Vimeo channel. "I'm working on getting a better camera and Final Cut," Chad informed us. He explained, "The quality is killing me right. Workin' on it."

Thanks for the info Chad. We'll keep our eyes on your vlog watching for more cool clips and the addition of your new equipment and software. Take care and good luck in Fort Worth this weekend.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Wakeboarding Mag Interviews Team Malibu's Dallas Friday

Wakeboarding Magazine's Jennifer Ross interviewed Team Malibu Pro Rider Dallas Friday after her Wake Games victory. Here's a little bit of that article. Go to Wakeboarding Magazine Online to read the full interview.

Dallas Friday is back. After disappointing seasons in 2007 and 2008, the most decorated female wakeboarder ever was back atop the Pro Women's podium at the Air Nautique Wake Games. The win was Friday's first since the 2007 Tigé Pro-Am Wakeboard Championships, and she says she has finally fully recovered from the broken femur she suffered in Singapore during the final World Cup event of 2006. We talked to Friday about her return to her winning ways, the chase for the 2009 Queen of Wake and finally being healthy again.

How does it feel to be back on top? It's awesome to start the year off with a win. It was just motivating, and it just kind of sets the pace for the rest of the year. I've actually worked really hard, and it's a little frustrating sometimes, you know, riding so much and sets not always going as good as planned, but it's all worth it in the end. It pays off.

How do you think you were able to beat the rest of the girls? Honestly, it was really tight in the finals, the competition. I saw it like six different ways. There were actually other people I thought were entitled to first, second and third, too. But of course, I'm happy to be on top. The other girls were good for the conditions, and I just can't wait to compete with them the rest of the season. Hopefully, it stays competitive.

You broke your leg back in 2006 right? I broke it in October 2006.

Do you feel like the reason you were able to come back this season was because you've finally recovered from that injury? Yeah, that's the first part of it. But not just recovered from the injury, but to feel even stronger than I was before I broke my leg is just awesome and motivating for me. It's changed my mindset on being a professional athlete and really taking care of my body. I just got done with physical therapy, almost three years of it, and it was definitely a life-changing experience. I'm better because of it. It's made me a better rider and has me stretching and just taking care of my body better. I'm not taking things for granted.

Go to Wakeboarding Magazine Online to read the full interview.

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Malibu Boats Delivers Horton's Heroes Edition VLX

Paul Singer VP of Sales and Marketing for Malibu Boats flew to the Loudon, TN plant to make this special boat presentation to Attila from Horton's Heroes. Attila took delivery of his brand new 2009 Wakesetter VLX and received a hero's welcome at Malibu Boats. This boat will be used to give joy, fresh air and excercise to combat wounded United States Veterans. That is what Horton's Heroes Inc is all about. The Malibu crew in Tennesse made signs, put up flags and organized a great welcome reception for Horton's Heroes. And they were proud to do this.

View more photos of the Horton's Heroes Edition VLX on the Malibu Boats Channel.

Malibu Boats had a custom set of graphics made for the Horton's Heroes VLX that reflect just who this boat is for; our combat wounded and those soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our freedom.

Thank you for all you do with Horton's Heroes, Attila! We look forward to adding you to the Malibu Boats Hero Wall. You are deffinately a Malibu Hero for helping and remembering the heroes of our country.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Malibu Wakesetter VLX Makes It 8 Straight

The Malibu Boats 2009 Wakesetter VLX has earned the highest honor in the water sports boat industry, Boat of the Year. PowerBoat Magazine bestowed the honor on Malibu Boats for their achievement in design, performance and implementation surrounding the new Wakesetter VLX. This is Malibu's 8th straight Boat of the Year Awards over the last 8 years; a feat unmatched by any other boat manufacturer. This award increases the number in Malibu's Boat of the Year trophy case to 19 awards total.

Malibu Boats is extremely proud of this latest achievement, but once the pats on the back are spent, they get right back to "Pushing Limits". According to Malibu Boats engineers there are many more innovations and improvements to be designed. They are on to the next.

Malibu Boats in Israel on Sea of Galilee

Here is a picture from the Malibu Open for Kids in Israel Memorial Day Weekend. The event took place north of Israel at the Sea of Galilee. It was very successful! The kids were repotrted to have had a blast!

There will be more informaiton on this event posted in the next several days. We will keep you up-to-date.

The accompanying picture and the others on the Malibu Boats channel were provided by Malibu Dealer Aqua Marine in Israel. Thank you for the photos Nava!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Team Malibu's Will Asher Wins Masters

We're so proud of you Will. We knew you could do it. Must be all that training behind your Malibu Response LXi. That and a whole mess a talent! Congratulations!

Team Malibu's Pro Slalom Skier William Asher took Men’s Slalom with 2@41-off at the 50th Masters over the weekend.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

New Malibu Owners Giving Their 20 LSV an A+

We received this e-mail from a new Malibu boat owner today. Steve Doellman in his words, "Finally skied" behind his new Malibu Sunscape 20 LSV the other day and loved it. They gave it an "A+"!

The Doellman Family purchased their 20 LSV during the Malibu Rockin' Christmas Promotion from Stateamind Watersports in Hazelwood, MO. Here's what Steve wrote to us.

I am very happy to report that I am extremely pleased with the wakes. I wanted a Vdrive with a small ski wake and this boat is exactly what I wanted. I am amazed at the wakes. I have a friend with a 22 foot direct drive that I have been jealous of (his good ski wake) but he agrees that my wake is better (for skiing) than his boat. This exceeded my expectations. And I think the wake for wakeboarding is acceptable. Once again, that is what I was hoping for.

I remember WaterSki magazine said the wakes were “phenomenal”. I’m pretty much in agreement. With 3 people in the boat and limited gas in the tank, it was phenomenal. But still extremely good with more weight.

So I rate the boat A+. And I am a hard grader. I test drove other expensive models of “cross-over” boats from your competitors and was not satisfied at all. Mostly because I think they error on the side of a wakeboard boat, so the wake is “okay” for skiing. I wanted the opposite.

Just thought I would share the good news. And you can relay my story to others.

Also, I am amazed at the storage in this 20 foot boat. I am very happy that my kneeboards fit in storage area next to the engine. The ski well is adequate, and the wakeboards are on the racks, so everything is stored and out of the way. Perfect!! And the wife agrees with all of my comments.

Thank you so much for the e-mail, Steve. We are happy the boat is exceeding your expectations and we hope you have a great time in it this summer. Take care!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

CTWS Ladies Boating 101 Clinic a Big Success

Long-time Malibu Dealer, Central Texas Water Sports, hosted a "Girls Day" in the Austin, TX last weekend. The Ladies Boating 101 Clinic got ladies in the boats, minus their significant others, to learn how to handle themselves on the water in a Malibu while having fun.

We had a great group of ladies that learned safety features, how to dock a boat, pull a rider, wakesurf, wakeboard and go out with the girls safely and enjoy the lake.

The ladies expressed a new-found confidence to operate and enjoy their new boats. One of our participants sent this email the day after the event:

"It was awesome.....great people, great lake, great boats, etc...i hope the other ladies came away with as much confidence as i did.....please pass on my appreciation to Rob, Kevin, Ed, Corky and Billy/crew!!!!"-Lorri P. new 2009 VLX owner

Congrats on a great event CTWS! You are a great example of the Malibu Difference because you are constantly looking for ways to improve the Malibu ownership experience.

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Team Malibu's Chad Sharpe Has a New Vlog

Untitled from chad Sharpe on Vimeo.

Here's some video of Team Malibu Pro Rider Chad Sharpe and his Wakesetter VLX. Sick riding and a sick boat!

Looks like this is a new vlog Chad is doing. Keep the camera rollin' Chad. Your friends at Malibu are tuning in. Check out the other video on Chad's Vimeo channel.

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Tony Stracke Living Malibu Boats and Loving It!

Great letter from a Malibu (@MalibuBoats) boat owner, Tony Stracke (@20ARMADA09), who has experienced the truth on the water and shows others the Malibu Difference.

My name is Tony Stracke and I am a proud owner of a 2007 Malibu V Ride. I absolutely love my boat and love your company and everything you guys are, from hardcore wake boats to family fun boats all in one. I enjoy filling the ballast tanks and dropping the wedge and taking my friends out for an early morning wakeboard session as the sun comes up. I also enjoy taking my family out and exploring the lake and getting a tan.

I have realized, as hard as it is to give up my childish dreams, that I will never be a professional wakeboarder. But that is ok with me, I absolutely love wakeboarding and the lake and that is why I decided to start my own apparel brand. I am basing my company off of some of the same values as Malibu Boats and my own values. I also own my own small pest control business so I don't have a bunch of money but feel like if I make things that I like, eventually other people will see it and like it as well. I was once told that "you are your own best marketing tool" and that has stuck with me.

I knew I was going to buy a Malibu Boat at the age of 17. It was then that I went into my local shop, which is family owned and operated. Tilly's Marine in Ventura, CA. I didn't have any money at the time and I'm sure Bruce and Brett could see that by my age but they still said hello to me and asked if! had any questions and I said no I was just checking things out and they said ok and left me to look around but all along staying within sight so as to answer any questions I may have. I looked around and left but not before getting a brochure and a goal to strive for.

Fast-forward 9 years and go through the same scenario. This time, Bruce was busy with another customer and I was looking around at various boats and wanted to
actually ask some questions this time. It was this day that I would be helped by a very nice lady. I had not seen her before and she was a little older but very nice and very knowledgeable. She explained the various options and the various models and had answers to all my questions. I left Tilly's Marine dead set on owning a Malibu Boat. I had looked at other boats but none compared to the attention to detail as a Malibu and none of the other dealers compared to the experiences I had at Tilly's. This time I had not only a brochure but also a DVD to watch over and over.

I kept working and finally went back into Tilly's, but this time with every intention to buy a boat. It is a year later from the last time I had talked to the older woman and looked for her as I came through the door but didn't see her. I had my parents with me, mainly because I was proud and wanted them to see what a great community I was going to be a part of, and my dad was going to help me with the down payment. My parents had owned boats before but never really thought of a "competition boat," they were more of a day cruiser type of attitude and a hard sell. I knew if they were impressed it was a done deal. A younger gentleman came over to help us and I asked him where the older lady was. He paused for a second, thinking, and then said that it must have been "Mrs. T". Apparently the other sales people were busy so Mrs. T, the mother of the owner Brett Tilly, had stepped up and helped me. When I heard that she was Brett's mom, I was sold once again. She doesn't usually sell boats but she took the time to help me when 1 was looking.

Jonathan was the name of the person that actually sold me my boat and sold my parents on the boat. He answered all the questions we had and said that selling a Malibu Boat was fairly easy. "The boat sells itself, 1 just have to point out all the subtle features and show all the functions of the boat but the boat sells itself." Boy was he right. He ran us through the options and we were sold.

I couldn't be happier with my boat. I ordered it from your factory in Merced and was even told that arrangements could be made to see my boat being built. It couldn't come soon enough. I put 110 hours on it in the first summer and taught some people how to wake board and showed them what the lake lifestyle was all about. They fell in love with it. Every time I take my boat out I get complements. It makes me feel good. There isn't any special paint schemes or graphics or limited edition stuff like some other companies. It's a standard V Ride paint scheme and stickers and people tell me its beautiful. And rightfully so, Malibu Boats are beautiful.

Since purchasing my boat 2 years ago, I pointed a close friend toward Tilly's Marine and he is a proud owner of a Wakesetter that he and his wife and two small children love. I have also told everyone I meet that ask me about my boat that it is the best purchase I've made. "I love it, no complaints whatsoever. Go check them out, but be careful they sell themselves," I tell them and they usually say, "I can see that, I like it already." So needless to say, I will be a Malibu owner for life and hope to see many people in a Malibu.

It is people like Tony who who make the Malibu Difference possible! Thank you for taking the time to write us, Tony. And thank you for living the Malibu boats lifestyle for all to see. You prove that the truth is on the water and we're proud to have you as part of the family.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Malibu Boats in a Terra Firma Music Video

The song is titled Hold It Wide and features the four-man South Australian rap group performing some adrenalin-pumping activities including cruising in a Terra Firma branded Malibu Wakesetter. The Malibu Boats Marketing Director in Australia, David Thorpe, e-mailed us a link to this Terra Firma music video yesterday. You will see the Malibu boat about 1:23 min into the video. Check it out! Hold it Wide is from the album "Music To Live By" out now on Simbiotic Audio/Shogun Distribution.

Thanks for sharing David. We love to see how Malibu Boats are being used all over the world, especially down under.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

8 Yr Old Lands Front Roll Behind a Malibu Boat

We brought you the video of a 7 year old landing a back roll behind a malibu Wakesetter VLX at the USA Nationals. Well Mitch Kappler, who is now 8 years old, just landed his first front roll, once again it was behind his Malibu. Mitch's dad Brent sent us a link to his son's recent triumph. He caught it on film! We wanted to make sure we got this video up right away so you all can stay aprised of this phenom's progress.

Congratulations, Mitch! Awesome landing! And nice camera work Brent! Thank you for keeping us updated on Mitch's progress. Oh and no need to thank us this time, Mitch. Your riding skills deserve this kind of attention. Keep us posted and we'll keep posting!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wakeboarding Behind a Malibu Boat in a Wedding Dress

Trash the Dress, Knoxville (Teaser) from JAOPRO on Vimeo.

We came across this video yesterday and had to share it. The video was produced by JAO Productions for Photography by Sabrina. The clip is called "Trash the Dress" and you'll quickly find out why. But the best part of this video, in the humble opinion of Malibu Boats, is toward the end. You'll see a bride jump in the water off the back of a Malibu Wakesetter. Then she and her husband, or husband to be, proceed to ride in their wedding clothes. I bet these were the best wedding pictures ever! It is a great video clip and definitely our favorite this month! Thanks for allowing us to post it JAOPRO.

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20 Questions With Malibu Boats Pro Dallas Friday

This interview was conducted and written by Jennifer Ross for Wakeboarding Magazine.

1. How did you become pro? I became pro within my first year of riding. I caught on really fast since I transitioned from gymnastics to wakeboarding and I had great air awareness. When I met my coach, Mike Ferraro, it all took off from there.

2. What was your favorite trick when you first turned pro, and what's your favorite now? My favorite trick when I first turned pro was front rolls because they taught me to just rip into the wake full-speed and it was my biggest trick. My favorite trick right now is a method toeside 360.

3. Who is your favorite rider and why? Danny Harf. Not only is he an incredible athlete, he's always pushing our sport in every aspect. He's a three-time X-Games gold medalist, he landed the 1080, and now the 1260, and he wins the readers' poll year after year. Even if Danny doesn't ride in any competitions all year he's still featured in magazines and is the fans' number one pick. He's just such a positive, down-to-earth guy. You can tell he does it all for the love and fun of it and that's inspiring to watch.

4. What is the hardest thing about being a professional wakeboarder? Dealing with injuries and recovering from them. It's frustrating and no fun for any athlete. It really tests your determination and shows you how bad you want something.

5. What would you be doing if you weren't a pro wakeboarder? Who knows? I'd probably still be living with my parents, causing trouble.

6. What is your biggest goal to accomplish this year? To stay strong and healthy and keep a positive attitude. And most importantly, to have fun all year.

7. What are you most proud of in your career so far? Probably either my three-peat at the X-Games or winning the ESPN ESPY award in 2004 for Best Female Action Sport Athlete.

8. What's one thing you couldn't live without on a daily basis? Hair ties. It's too hot in Florida to wear your hair down.

9. Any pets? I have a golden retriever mix named Bear and the Chew Monster, Chewbacca, my Pomeranian.

10. Who are your sponsors? O'Brien, Fox, Red Bull, Malibu Boats, JBL, Performance Ski and Surf and OWC.

11. You set a good example for the ladies by going big. How different is it to take a trick out into the flats versus wake-to-wake? It's all in your style. In gymnastics I was always the best at floor exercises. My coaches told me I was 'powerful.' I've just always gone full throttle with everything and never held back and I try to do the same thing with wakeboarding. It's funny, some tricks I seriously can't do wake-to-wake, and if I try it just looks awkward and wrong, but I've learned to just go for it anyways.

12. What do you have planned for the Pro Tour this year? To work hard and do my best, first of all. I also want to have more sponsor appearances, go on a world tour, do some photo shoots, clinics, demos and video shoots. I plan to compete in all the stops girls are at and hope to have my best year yet.

13. Anything new we should be expecting in your competition run? I've been working hard at The Projects to progress my rail riding. It's been getting a lot smoother and I'm doing it more and more in every contest. I have a few other things up my sleeve, but you'll just have to wait and watch for those.

14. You've trained a lot with some of the best coaches in the business, what's the number one thing you've taken away from your experiences? To never put limitations on your riding and to always have an open mind. You don't know if you can until you try. You'll be surprised at how much better your riding will progress if you have an open mind and give it your all.

15. How important is style in a Pro Tour run? Pretty important, especially because of the format and the way things are judged. You pretty much have to hit every category to do well, which has been good for me in a lot of ways. It's forced me to do things I don't like to do or wasn't very good at, like rails.

Now I can hit rails and feel comfortable. And they really help me place higher in the finals. The style also helps you become your own rider as you feel out what works for you and go off of that. I like to think my style is big and floaty.

16. What's one trick that's always given you trouble? The whirlybird. I swear I land it more than I fall on it when in practice, but in competitions I can't seem to pull it all together. Especially since my femur broke in 2006. I'll get it soon though. I've been working on a more consistent take-off.

17. You do well at just about every contest, what makes you such a strong competitor? Being confident at competitions. I always stand on the dock when I'm about to go and tell myself, 'You got this. Just like practice. Let's do this and show them.' So I keep it positive and never second-guess a trick. I just focus on one trick at a time and do it like I know I'm going to land it.

18. Who's your biggest role model? Well, I can't name someone specifically, really, but anyone who pushes their sport to new levels and is always setting goals for themselves. Making the impossible become their desire and turn to the possible.

19. Any video sections coming up? Nope, but I'm shooting lots of riding photos for magazines. And I've recently gotten some sponsors for new gear for 2009.

20. What's your middle name? Thursday. Just kidding. That would be funny though. It's Jacqueline.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009 Malibu Boats Ownership Commercial

Just posted this new 30 second spot on the Malibu Boats YouTube Channel. Check it out.

Malibu Boat Ownership
It’s not about the boat. At Malibu they may as well be building relationships. Your Malibu boat isn’t the center of your world it’s simply the magnet that pulls you, your family and friends together. When you’re on the lake you’re not focused on your boat. You’re focused on fun and people you choose to spend time with. The superior performance, construction, accommodation and style of a Malibu eliminates worry and replaces it with the priceless memories of being together. That’s what Malibu boat ownership is all about.

We had as much fun creating this spot as it seems. Thanks to all involved!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Response to Malibu Boats Customer Service Inquiry

We received an e-mail from a Malibu Boats owner, Jeff Ayuso, today in response to a Malibu Customer Service Inquiry. When we reached the "comments" portion of the e-mail we knew it had to be shared...

I can assure you that I am a very proud Malibu Boat owner. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to own a Malibu, and finally I have it. Every part of the experience from the dealer to the first day on the water, to now, has been everything I dreamed and more. Myself and friends alike have driven, ridden on, and behind nearly every other boat. Once I bought my new vRide, we have all agreed that there is no comparison; Malibu takes the top prize by far. The ride is far smoother, the wake large and smooth, the motor is quiet and far more powerful than others, and the boat overall handles like a sports car! It is really unbelievable how well this boat performs. In just 2 months of sub par weather, I have already taken it in for the 20 hour service, and now have over 30 hours of pure enjoyment on the boat. This is just the beginning of many hours of enjoyment, and I can not wait for my next Malibu purchase. This boat is not even Malibu's best, but it is the far superior to the rest. Every time we go out I get numerous compliments on the boat, both in and out of the water. Absolutely amazing...keep up the good work Malibu. Thank you!!! Another proud boat owner, Jeff Ayuso, Merced, Ca.

Thanks for taking the time to make these comments Jeff. Patty Jones, who works in our Customer Service Department, forwarded your CSI e-mail to me and I just had to post it. We receive quite a few favorable responses to the Customer Service Inquiry, but yours definitely stood out. Comments like yours make us all extremely proud. Thank you.

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Update on Malibu Heroes The Pickard Family

We just received an e-mail from Terri Pickard, Darren, Josh, Tyson and Dylan's mom. She was very pleased to see Joshua on the Malibu Hero Wall and she gave us this update on her two other Marines.

Darren is doing well. He is close to Bagdad and is scheduled to be home around August 27th. Tyson is in Camp Pendleton for the next 3 weeks for

You have raised some amazing men, Terri. Malibu Boats thanks you and our country thanks you.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Malibu's Dallas Friday Scoring a Ton of Media Coverage

The most successful female wakeboarder ever is still drawing the most attention as the 2009 riding season gets under way. Malibu Boats Pro Team Rider Dallas Friday continues to be the darling of the media, especially in her home town of Orlando, Florida. With the kick off of the professional wakeboarding season Dallas has seen her schedule swell with the countless media days and interviews. Dallas is familiar with this kind of attention. It's been following her since the beginning of her career. She is an amazing talent and even those new to wakeboarding can see why she is a world champion many times over. She knows how to stay focused and get the job done. She has her sights set on another dominate year at the podium. Good luck Dallas! Your Malibu Boats Family is backing you all the way!

Here's a recent article featured in Florida Today about Dallas.

Here's some more video of Friday captured by WFTV Channel 9 in Orlando. And here's a recent Dallas Friday interview on the Orlando Fox affiliate.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Malibu Hero Wall is Up

Malibu Boats feels very strongly about honoring everyday heroes that make a difference in our lives. That is why we have created a Malibu Hero Wall. This web page is being built to house the photos and stories of these inspirational heroes. Whether they own a Malibu boat now, are looking to buy a boat through the Malibu Hero Boat Buying Event or they simply dream of owning a Malibu they have a place on the Malibu Hero Wall. The only prerequisite is “everyday hero” status and there is no shortage of these amazing people in North America. Malibu hopes to showcase a wonderful cross section of these individuals on the Hero Wall and that their stories will inspire others to be everyday heroes. E-mail with your military, law enforcement, firefighting, teaching or medical hero story and pictures.

The first hero story posted on the new Malibu Hero Wall features the Pickard Family. The Pickards are friends of Malibu Boats and live near the California Factory in Atwater, CA. They are everyday heroes who deserve to be honored. Not because of a boat they own, but because of the amazing sons they have raised and the ultimate sacrifice they have had to make for one son’s efforts to keep this country safe. Visit the Malibu Hero Wall or the Malibu Hero Boat Buying Event web site for information.

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Malibu Relates to Local Columnist Featuring Everyday Heroes

We came across a great column by Judy La Salle in Merced Sun Star all about Heroes. It was wonderful and reminded us of the Malibu Hero Boat Buying Event. Malibu Boats is choosing to honor "regular folks... performing impressive actions..." as La Salle describes them, with the exclusive Malibu boat discounts, free options and custom accessories. Malibu Boats is also publicizing everyday hero stories on the Malibu Hero Wall. Because, as La Salle puts it, everyday heroes are, "... the kind of people we need so badly to emulate." At Malibu Boats we are hoping the more we help heroes tell these stories, the more hero stories there will be to tell.

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