Monday, November 26, 2012

Raph Derome and Amber Wing Win Alliance Riders Of The Year

Malibu would like to congratulate Raph Derome and Amber Wing for winning Alliance Wakeboard’s 2012 Rider Of The Year awards in both the male and female categories.
Raph’s season was highlighted with his overall title at the Red Bull Wake Open, as well as several mind-blowing web video releases. He also dominated on the international circuit and his meteoric rise was nothing short of amazing. “I’m really honored to be chosen by Alliance as their ROTY. To be put in the same group as riders like Danny Harf, Randall Harris, Parks Bonifay, Ben Greenwood, Chris O’Shea and more is really crazy. I’m really happy I got to come back this year on the water and I’m now slowly looking forward to next season.”
Check out more, including Raph’s 10-page feature in the current, Dec/Jan 2013 issue of Alliance Wakeboard.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inside Will Asher’s New World Record Tie

All photos: Thomas Gustafson
Excerpt from Todd Ristorcelli at WATERSKI Magazine
The most competitive round of men’s slalom is officially in the record books. For the first time in the history of the sport, three men have rounded all six buoys at 41 off in a single tournament round. Swiss Nation 2, one of the last events of 2012, was held at Swiss Ski School in Clermont, Florida, on Nov. 11, and Will Asher became the second man in the world to run 2 at 43 off, setting a pending jointly held world slalom record. “I had a great start at 43, my best ever,” Asher says. “I finally got the ski on edge long enough to have some time to finish 1; then I laid the hammer to get to 2.”
That stellar performance was the second time this season that Asher has tied Chris Parrish’s world record, although his first experience of rounding two buoys at 43 off, which he did at a record event at Jack Travers’ Ski School in Groveland, Florida, couldn’t be approved, because there were technical issues with the boat camera.
The month of November, which is usually scarce for tournaments, let alone world records, proved great for shortline skiing. With water temperatures in the mid-70s, some skiers say that the cooler temperatures allow better glide and require less effort compared to warmer summertime water temps that can hinder cross-course width. Asher also credits his equipment. “The A3 has given me more time in the course and several different turning options. I can now turn from high and early or low and late,” he says. “And of course skiing behind a Malibu RESPONSE TXialways gives me an advantage.”
See more of the RESPONSE TXi

Will Asher rounds 2 ball at 43 off at the Swiss Nation 2 tournament to set a pending jointly held world record.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Malibu Releases WAKESETTER 20 MXZ

After making a big splash with the WAKESETTER 22 and 24 MXZ, Malibu Boats has released theWAKESETTER 20 MXZ to complete the MXZ Series. This boat is for those who love to wakeboard and wakesurf and are looking for the numerous advantages of a 20-foot boat including responsiveness, easy garage storage and trailer-ability.
Completing the trio of the MXZ series, the 20 MXZ is sure to find its place based on the popularity of the already-proven 22 and 24 MXZ. “We’re incredibly excited to release the 20 MXZ to the market,” said Adam McCall, Malibu’s VP of Product. “This boat is focused towards the premium wake customer who just doesn’t need a longer boat. I wouldn’t let the size fool you however, as with the largest interior room in its class, our long-standing tradition of Malibu drive performance, and a very impressive stock wake for surfing and wakeboarding, we’re certain the 20 MXZ will be a crowd pleaser,” McCall added.
With the largest bow/cockpit combination in the 20-foot water sport boat market, and luxurious amenities, every inch of the 20 MXZ is MaXimiZed for the ultimate day on the water. You’ll also find several features not found in other 20-foot boats including a comfortable rear lounge at the stern and it also boasts the highest capacity rating and tallest freeboard (waterline to main deck), in its class.
This premium wake boat can be summed up in two words: Little Giant.  Create your own custom model with Malibu’s new BUILD A BOAT program.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

New Video “TEMPO SHIFT” Makes A Splash Online

With a timed release on, YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler, Malibu’s new video “TEMPO SHIFT” highlights all the action from our 2013 catalog shoot and more, including our Pro Team, new boats and SURF GATE! Click the image to view!

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