Thursday, August 13, 2009

Unbelievably Short Malibu Illusion G3 Fold-down Tutorial

No need to settle in for this one. The Malibu Illusion G3 Fold-down Tutorial is short and sweet, not to mention easy and safe. The gas spring assisted design of the Illusion G3 renders the tower weightless for an unbelievably convenient fold-down procedure. We have created a short video to illustrate this fact. The star of the video is the Illusion G3, but the gal that makes it all happen is Nicolette. Nicolette is the receptionist at the California Malibu Boats Factory and she was given very little instruction before filming commenced. When watching the video you will notice just how easy the fold-down process is. It can be accomplished by a single person with next to no experience.

Fold-down Procedure: 1) Unscrew the Allen bolt one either side securing the tower to the bases. 2) Pull the tower to the folded position.

That about wraps it up. Any questions?

The process is so simple we threw in a quick tutorial on Titan Spinner Rack operation and the "Slide-off" removal. That's easy too.

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