Monday, August 10, 2009

Hydrofoiler Clears a Malibu Boat with a Flip

Richard Evans (@snowpunx08) tweeted this video to Malibu Boats on Twitter early today and we had to share! It is amazing! We, at Malibu Boats, do not recommend anyone try this, but since Jake Bradley did it so effortlessly and without injury, we had to post it.

This is a video of Jake flipping over Richard's Malibu vRide on a hydrofoil. It is a short video, but it is sick! And in case you're wondering the boat pulling the hydrofoil was a Malibu vRide as well. I guess there are Malibu boats all over Lake Norman in North Carolina.

Thanks for tweeting this video, Richard! It definitely got our blood pumping here at the factory, especially for a Monday!

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