Monday, August 24, 2009

Malibu Riders Taking Home Wake Awards

Malibu Riders Dallas Friday, Brian Grubb & Matt Manzari took home huge Wake Award honors from Wakeboarding Magazine last week during Surf Expo in Orlando, FL. Dallas earned Best Rider and Grubby too Best Video Performance and Team Malibu Boats' Matt Manzari captured Wakeskate Move of the Year with a boardslide backside flip. Way to go Team!

Best Women's Rider
This female ripper kills it in all aspects including contests, exposure, photos, video sections and progressive riding. ’06 Winner: Dallas Friday / ’07 Winner: Amber Wing / ’08 Winner: Nicola Butler

5. Raimi Merritt
4. Melissa Marquardt
3. Nicola Butler
2. Amber Wing

And The Winner Is: Dallas Friday

Best Video Performance – Wakeskate
This is awarded to both the rider and producer, with consideration given to both the level of riding and filming/editing. This is a new category for 2007. ’07 Winner: Aaron Reed / DVS – N.A.R.L.A. / ’08 Winner: Danny Hampson Volume Wakeskate Videos

5. Ben Horan / Scene One / Fun Boots
4. Nick Taylor / Scene One / Fun Boots
3. Brandon Thomas / A.V.E. / Rewritten
2. Andrew Pastura / Scene One / Fun Boots

And The Winner Is: Brian Grubb (@BriankGrubb) / Billabong / Out of the Pond

Oakley’s Move Of The Year: Wakeskating
This award is for the single most impressive, sickest, innovative and progressive move pulled all year, with categories for wakeskating. The winner was chosen by the WAKEBOARDING Magazine. Wakeskate MOY Runners Up:

James Balzer - Toeside Wake-to-wake Kickflip
Russell Brightwell - 360 shove on Spillway Wall Ride
Russell Brightwell - Varial Flip
Travis Doran - Front Big
Justin Forest - Hard Flip
Brian Grubb - Bomb Drop Billabong Bus
Brian Grubb - Wake-to-wake Indy Back Big
Danny Hampson - Backside Big Spin
Reed Hansen - Wake-to-wake Heelside Frontside 540
Reed Hansen - Wake-to-wake Backside 540
Ben Horan - Backside Tail Slide to Backside Big Spin
Dieter Humpsch - Wake-to-Wake Frontside Flip
Kyle Hyams - Backside Big Spin Down Spillway
Chris Kallas - Wake-to-wake Backside Big Spin 360
Matt Manzari - Board Slide Varial Flip
Andrew Pastura - Backside 360 Kickflip
Andrew Pastura - Switch Grapeflip
Andrew Pastura - Switch Front Big Heel Flip
Grant Roberts - 360 Shove
Stu Shinn - Wake-to-wake Shove Catch Shove
Nick Taylor - Backside Big Spin
Nick Taylor - Switch Flats Backside Flip

And The Winner Is — Wakeskating: Matt Manzari, Boardslide backside flip

Visit for more information on the Wakeboarding Magazine Wake Awards.

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