Thursday, August 6, 2009

8 Year Old Throwing Tantrum Behind Malibu Boat

No it's not that kind of Tantrum! This is video of 8-year-old Mitch Kappler perfecting some new wakeboard moves behind his Malibu iRide on Lake Gaston in North Carolina. You'll see Mitch land a Tantrum and a Scarecrow in this wakeboard video.

Mitch's dad, Brent, has been keeping us posted on the phenom's wakeboarding progress. Mitch is training for the WWA World Championships being held in Orlando later this month.

We have been following Mitch since his dad sent us video of him landing a back roll in competition at the age of 7. Then came video of a front roll, and now he's perfected the tantrum and the scarecrow. Mitch is coached by wakeboard pro, Adam Fields. And as far as we can tell he is doing a great job with this Grommet! Keep it up guys and keep Malibu Boats posted. And good luck in Orlando, Mitch!

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