Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Soven Lands a Whale of a Move Behind Malibu VLX

Team Malibu Pro and Winner of the Malibu OpenLast night we received word that Team Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) Pro Rider Phillip Soven (@PhillipSoven) landed a Moby Dick 7 behind Kevin Henshaw's (@KevinHenshaw) Wakesetter VLX. Kevin also rides for the Malibu Boats team. Phillip was riding with him in Clermont, FL yesterday afternoon when he harpooned the big fish... a Moby Dick 7!

A typical Moby Dick is a wakeboard move that combines a Tantrum with a handle pass backside 360. This move was co-invented by former Malibu Boats pro rider Brannan Johnson. (explanation provided by StokeCity.ca) The Moby Dick 7 that Phillip was the first to land yesterday joined a typical Moby Dick with an additional handle pass backside 360! That is a Tantrum plus 720 degrees of rotation. You have get pretty high to do all that. Leave it to the Wakesetter VLX wake to help make it happen.

Phillip Tweeted this reaction after landing the monumental move.
@PhillipSoven: Woooh just hit the first moby dick 7 behind henshaws @malibuboats vlx there's a reason I ride for them can't beat that wake!

Kevin just returned to Florida from a 3-month road trip and yesterday was the first time he put his Wakesetter VLX on the water since leaving. What a way to get back at it! His newly launched VLX pulled the first Moby Dick 7.

The guys did capture video of Phillip sticking this never before landed move. It should be posted on http://WakeboardingMag.com soon and we will link to it from the Malibu Boats blog. Congratulations, Phillip! We're so proud of you and you too Kev!

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