Thursday, September 17, 2009

8-year-old Boarder Still Shreddin Behind a Malibu Boat

Mitch Kappler's Scarecrow at WorldsMitch Kappler is 8 years old and loves to wakeboard. His family owns a Malibu iRide and since we received that first video of Mitch landing a back roll in competition at the age of seven, we have been hooked on this kid. We watched him land his first front roll earlier this year behind his family's Malibu boat. Brent, Mitch's dad, kept us updated on the runs Mitch threw down at the WWA Nationals and sent us a video of Mitch Throwing a Tantrum (wakeboard move) behind the iRide.

Yesterday the Malibu Boats Family had the chance to meet Mitch in person when he and his family stopped by the Tennessee Factory on the way to Little Rock, AR for the INT Eastern Regional Invitational. The Kappler Family took a tour with long-time Malibu employee Kerri Johns who works in Customer Service. Kerri said it was a lot of fun because of how excited the Kappler Family was to see the boats being built and just how pumped they are about Malibu Boats.

The tour also gave us a chance to catch up on the progress Mitch has been making with his riding over the past couple months. Mitch took 2nd place in the Jr. Boys division (9 and under) at the WWA Worlds tournament in Orlando back in August. Mitch ended up edging out the youngster who beat him at the INT Nationals in Texas, which had to feel pretty good.

According to Mitch's dad, Brent, "Mitch has a few more tournaments to compete in this year, but he's already starting to think about new tricks for next year."

We can't wait to see what's next! Keep photos and video coming. We love following Mitch's progress. And good luck in Little Rock, Mitch!

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