Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Siegele's 3rd Helps Aussie Team to Gold in Korea

Team Malibu Boats Australian Rider Parker Siegele returned from the 2009 IWWF World Championships in Chuncheon City South Korea with two medals wakeboarding. Parker scored third as an individual and helped Team Australia bring home gold beating out 26 other countries in the team competition. Way to go Parker! Your Malibu mates in the States are super proud of you man! Keep it up!

Parker wrote this great account of his trip to the Wakeboard World Championships in South Korea so we thought we would share it.

It all started back in July when I left South Australia to travel north and train in warmer weather as a lead up to the worlds. Things were going pretty well riding most days until early August I sustained a hairline fracture in my tibia. This meant that I had to have some time off of the water and there was a chance if it didn’t heal I could not go to Korea. This was a massive disappointment to me. Fortunately a week and a half of intense physio and rest saw it mend to the point I could get back on the water. This gave me a few days back on the water before flying out to Seoul.

On reaching Seoul the Aussie team traveled to Chuncheon and had a few days of getting to know the town and its people. The heats and semis started and I progressed through to the finals. The day of the finals saw huge winds and really choppy water, after being perfect all week.

I reached the podium and came third in the finals. The Aussie team scored the gold team medal against 26 countries. The night carried on with the Aussie team all getting pushed in the pool by fellow team mates. Australia winning the gold and me getting on the podium was definitely one of the highlights of my wakeboarding!

Next for me – heading back to South Australia (home) and back to school. on October I will start my training for SA competitions and the Junior Pro Tour, it has been a huge ride!!

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