Monday, September 21, 2009

Malibu Armada at Lake Mead with Tony Stracke

Tony Stracke & Armada Wake CrewWe were introduced to Tony Stracke (@20ARMADA09) back in late May when he sent Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) an amazing letter about how he loves his Malibu vRide, wakeboarding and Tilly's Marine.

Tony and his Aramada Wakeboarding Team took a trip to Lake Mead in late August and we sent him a Malibu Boats banner to put on display. Here's what Tony emailed us about the trip.

We put the Malibu stuff you sent to good use. Myself and 8 other people from So. Cal. headed out to Mead for a camp out with the guys from WakeLV. The camp out part kind of fell through due to weather in the upper basin (apparently it's monsoon weather there) where we were going to camp so we just found a different part of the lake to ride and take photos. I have a small wakeboard apparel team, Aramda Wakeboarding Team (@20ARMADA09). It's really just a group of friends promoting wakeboarding right now, but who knows where it will go in the future. We taught 6 people to wakeboard on the Mead Trip, one of which was jumping the wake on his second set. One guy I have riding for me, Nick Nichols, is in Brooks College down here which is a film school. He is studying to be an editor, but had one of his friends, Kate Ybarra, come out with us and she took about a thousand pictures of the whole weekend. (We have posted a few on the Malibu Boats site. We'll be posting more.) My buddy had his boat which is an '06 Wakesetter and my '07 vRide were both used as tow boats and chase boats.

Glad the Lake Mead was successful, Tony! And thanks for promoting Malibu Boats the way you do. We're stoked Aramada Wakeboarding is a part of our team!

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