Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Owner Designs Truck After Malibu Boat

Owner Designs Truck After Malibu BoatWe received some cool photos of, Malibu Response LX owner, Dave Deacon's truck and boat the other day. At first glance these pics look like the typical rig shots, but on closure examination you'll notice some atypical similarities. Dave had his new truck striped to match the hull graphics design on his ski boat. Most people order a boat to match their tow vehicle, not Dave. According him to he started with the most important part, the Malibu boat, and then customized his truck to match. Here's a copy of the email Dave sent to us along with his rig shots.

I bought my Response LX new from TNT Watersports in Tennessee. It was the last boat that the late Sherman Cairns of Nashville Inboard Watersports took delivery of before he died.

I drove a number of different boats as a driver at some INT tournaments. With that experience, there was no question when it came time to replace my ’91 MasterCraft, my next boat would be a Malibu. It’s a basic Response LX ski boat with PerfectPass, just what I need for pulling skiers through the Old Hickory Lake Ski Club course. The only thing I’ve added is a bimini for the hot summer days.

Since I don’t have a regular ski partner, most everyone in the club has driven the boat at one time or another. I’m now skiing in an area of Mississippi where there aren’t many slalom course skiers so I’m training friends and coworkers how to drive it as well.

Due to a career change I live (and ski) in both Mississippi and Tennessee. A new truck was in order to make the haul back and forth. It seemed only natural to have it striped to match the boat. The work was done by the Sign Shop in Columbus, Mississippi. Plenty of people get to see in on the 560 mile round trip between homes.

Thanks for the email and the photos, Dave. Your truck is an awesome tribute to a great looking boat and the pair looks perfect together. Take care on those long trips back and forth.

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