Thursday, September 24, 2009

Malibu Wakeboarders Make INT Regionals Family Affair

The Cleburne Times Review recently posted an article featuring long-time WaterSki America customers and Malibu boat owners, the Cain Family. These Cleburne, TX wakeboarders recently competed in the INT Southeastern Invitational tournament in Little Rock, Ark as a family.

Marcus and Matthew Cain and father, Scott, all Texas state champions, competed against state champions from 10 other states. The event lasted three days.

Marcus Cain, a Cleburne High School student, won the first day of competition.

“The competition was stronger than anything I have encountered before,” he said, “but the atmosphere was very laid back and fun.”

The second day of riding brought a change of boats.

Marcus Cain stood up his first pass and landed his first toe-side 180 spin.

He had some trouble adjusting to the new boat’s wake but was one of the few riders to almost complete his second pass without a fall.

At the conclusion of the tournament, Marcus Cain held off a strong surge from the rest of the field to secure a third place overall finish.

“It felt really good making the podium at a national tournament,” he said.

He is sponsored by Malibu Boats and Waterski America and rides a Hyperlite board. He is coached by JoJo Lemberg and Scott Flanagan of the Wakeboard Coalition.

Matthew Cain, one of the youngest competitors at the event, secured an honorable mention award in the mini outlaw division.

“It was scary standing on the dock waiting for your turn,” he said, “but you just have to go through it.”

“We’re so proud of Marcus and Matthew,” said the boys’ mother, Chris Cain. “Watching from the shore, I was probably more nervous than the boys,” she said.

The INT is the world’s largest amateur competition for wakeboarding.

“Despite the rain, the riders had a great time,” Scott Cain said. “For me, it was a once in a lifetime event. It was great riding with my boys.”

The Cains plan to continue to wakeboard until Thanksgiving.

“Now that the competitions are over, we have to start training for next season,” Marcus Cain said. “I’m working on a back roll and some new spins for next year.”

When he’s not training, Marcus Cain spends his time on the water teaching others how to wakeboard.

“Marcus does a great job representing the sport,” said Scott Cain.

To read more about the wakeboarding Cain Family in the Cleburne Times Review.

Congratulations, Cain boys! Keep it up, Malibu Boats is cheering for you!

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