Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10-yr-old Lands TS 5 and Whirlybird Behind Malibu

Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) received an update from Brent Kappler today regarding his son Mitch. Of course we consider him our Mitch too! We even had a Malibu t-shirt designed after this kid. We have been following this young man since he was 7. You may remember the blog posts we wrote about Mitch landing his first back roll in competition at age 7 and his first front roll at age 8.

Today Mitch's dad let us know that Mitch will be competing at Wake Games this weekend. To prepare for this wakeboard competition Mitch has been working on a toe side 540 and a whirlybird. This short video shows Mitch nailing those two wakeboard tricks.

10 year old, Mitch Kappler is from Lake Gaston, NC and this video features him landing a toe side 540 and a whirlybird. Mitch is coached by Adam Fields of the AF Wakeschool and sponsored by Malibu Boats Dealer ProMarine Boats of Durham, NC and Liquid Force. He rides behind a Malibu boat.

We're pulling for you, Mitch! Good luck buddy!

Read more about Mitch Kappler and his family on the Malibu Boats Blog.

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