Monday, September 27, 2010

Tantrum Pride!

Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) wakeboard boat owners, the Kappler Family, sent us an email with photos of their son Mitch sporting his new biographical Kappler Malibu kids shirt. He is wearing his "I See A Tantrum in My Future" shirt proudly! However instead of doing a Tantrum behind his Malibu wakeboard boat on Lake Gaston to celebrate, Mitch decided to throw a 360. Either way, you do us and that Malibu Boats t-shirt proud, Mitch! Keep riding!

Mitch's dad Brent sent us the following in an email:
I wanted to thank you very much for the Tantrum T's and send a picture of Mitch in his shirt. We really appreciate Malibu for thinking of him and having him be the inspiration for the new shirt. If you can offer them in adult sizes, that would be great. We've had many requests for them from adults who see a Tantrum in their future, as well.

Good point on the adult sized shirt, Brent! I bet that's in the works.

We're proud to have your family as part of the Malibu Family. Thanks for being Malibu Gear inspiration Mitch and keep up the awesome riding! Have fun!

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