Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Team Malibu Alumni to be Honored by Hall of Fame

Past Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) Team Athletes, champion barefooter Ron Scarpa (@RonScarpa) and champion kneeboarder Ted Bevelacqua (@MarketingYOUNet), will be recognized by the Water Ski Hall of Fame on April 30th.

Being part of the Malibu Boats Pro Team extends well beyond an athlete’s competitive years. Team Malibu Alumni like world champion Barefooter Ron Scarpa and 7-time national champion Kneeboarder Ted Bevelacqua have retired, but they will always be considered a big part of the Malibu Family. That is why their brothers and sisters at Malibu are proud to congratulate both of these world class athletes on the honors they will receive from the American Water Ski Educational Foundation Hall of Fame on April 30th. Scarpa is scheduled to be inducted into the Water Ski Hall of Fame, while Bevelacqua will be receiving the Award of Distinction. Malibu Boats is extremely pleased these two amazing athletes are being recognized for their water sports careers and contributions to the industry.

The Water Ski Hall of Fame honors and perpetuates the names and accomplishments of skiers, pioneers, and officials whose dedication and competitive achievements at National and International levels have brought lasting fame to the sport of water skiing. Scarpa will become the 61st inductee into the Water Ski Hall of Fame for his competitive barefooting accomplishments.

Scarpa is considered the most decorated U.S. men's barefoot water ski athlete of all time. He has won more Open Men national overall titles – 12 (plus one Open Pro Men national overall title) – than any other athlete in the history of barefoot water skiing. He also won four men's world overall titles, the most of any other athlete in barefooting. In addition to the world overall titles, Scarpa won five world tricks titles, four world slalom titles and two world jumping titles. He was selected USA Water Ski's Male Athlete of the Year in 1992. He joined the Malibu Team in 1997 and retired from competition in 2005. He continues to run the Malibu Response LXi at his Orlando barefoot water ski school, Ron Scarpa Watersports.

Longtime Malibu Boats employees Paul Singer and Dennis Kelley, who have grown up with this company as well as these honorees, will be in attendance at the AWSEF Hall of Fame ceremonies. They will be there to cheer for Scarpa and Bevelacqua for the contributions they have made to Malibu Boats and the industry.

When Singer, Malibu Boats Marketing Director, was asked about his upcoming trip to the Water Ski Hall of Fame Induction he said, “What an incredible honor it is to have followed the career of both of these friends and athletes.” Singer explained, “Ron Scarpa truly exemplifies what the Hall of Fame is all about. His incredible accolades and contribution to the sport is unparalleled but his integrity and effectiveness as an ambassador of the sport has been admirable. Ted put the sport of kneeboarding on the map and continues to impress crowds wherever he goes. Malibu congratulates both of these tremendous athletes and ambassadors for this prestigious honor.”

The Award of Distinction was created to recognize individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to water sports. Award recipients have included tournament skiers, innovators, industry leaders, officials and others responsible for landmark achievements in the development of water sports. Bevelacqua will receive this award for his competitive success as a professional kneeboarding as well as furthering the sport.

Bevelacqua was a 7-time national kneeboard champion. He became a part of Team Malibu in 1990 and even after retiring from competition, stayed on as a Sales Manager for Malibu Boats. Bevelacqua also designed the Trident Ted Bevelacqua Pro Model kneeboard and was the founder of Pro-Acqua kneeboard accessories. Bevelacqua runs his own marketing business and continues to be heavily involved in water sports. Congratulations Ron and Ted! Malibu Boats is always pulling for you!

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Tommy said...

Ted and Ron are true legends and bring so much joy and excitement to all of us! What an honor to know these gentlemen.

Tommy Phillips