Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Midwest Coast Surf Club Video

Midwest Coast Surf Club from Spencer Combs on Vimeo.

We came across this great video from a Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) Twitter follower the other day. Spencer Combs (@spencercombspix) is not only a photographer in the Minneapolis, MN area, he is also an avid wakesurfer and happens to own a 2006 Malibu iRide. We liked him right away, but not just because he's a Malibu boat owner who has a passion for water sports. Spencer, along with a group of his friends and relatives are working to make a difference in their community with the help of wakesurfing.

Spencer founded the Midwest Coast Surf Club to introduce inner city kids as well as other interested locals to the sport of wake surfing. With his wife Alex, his dad Andrew, his mom Dana, his brother Wes, the Capture Studios film crew, Craig, Brandon, Rob, Will, Troy, Jon, Stephen, Amanda, Matt, Ty and tons of others that just show up, Spencer and Midwest Coast Surf Club are on a mission. "Love our community through boating and teach people about the fun of wakesurfing in person as well as through videos and photos."

Spencer described his crew and their motivation this way, "We are a group of photographers and film makers, web designers, and SUPER nice loving people. We thought with our gifts we could really push the sport to the next level!"

Spencer and Capture Studios have won Photographer and Videographer of the Year respectively for the state of Minnesota. Spencer said, "...we are so excited to share our gift with the community and what better way than something we are passionate about!"

While you will catch a few glimpses of Spencer's iRide in this wake surfing video, the feature boat is a 2010 Malibu Wakesetter VLX supplied by Malibu Boats Dealer Minnesota Inboard.

When we asked Spencer why he chose Malibu for this video and as the official boat of the Midwest Coast Surf Club he had plenty to write in response. "It was a pretty easy choice to choose Malibu boats! I mean come on, Malibu boats are probably the sexiest boats on the market; not to mention you can get one of the best wakes EVER behind these boats. Once you drop that Wedge and fill up the ballast your wake is high and the sweet spot is nice and long, plus TONS of room inside for friends! It doesn't get much better than that! Plus the quality of the boat is above and beyond all the other boats we have ridden in!"

Right now the Midwest Coast Surf Club is in the planning stages for 2011 events and clinics as well as more videos! We definitely hope to see more from Spencer and the Midwest Coast Surf crew soon. Way to go MCSC! You're off to a great start. This video is sweet! Thanks for including Malibu Boats!

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