Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Malibu Facebook Friend Fired-up

Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) was tagged in a photo on Facebook yesterday by a new Malibu boat owner. He also tagged his local Malibu Boats Dealer on Vancouver Island, Parker Marine. This photo came up in our notifications and we had to get the story behind it!

Turns out the whole scene took place at a Parker Marine camp out last summer at Cowichan Lake on Vancouver Island in Canada. Jake, who is a hardcore slalom skier and footer, had recently purchased a Malibu Response from a Parker Marine customer who upgraded to a new Wakesetter VTX. Jake, the Parker Marine boys and a bunch of other Malibu owners were hanging out by the camp fire when someone brought up the fact that Jake was not wearing a shirt to match the boat he now owned.

Ian, from Parker Marine, described the photo op, "I told him if he was to toss his old shirt in the fire I'd give him a new Malibu t-shirt. He said 'Hell yah!' As he sacrificed it to the fire, I took a quick pic for the Malibu owners of the world!" Ian added, "Jake now wears his shirt proudly because he loves his Malibu!"

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Rod Michaelson said...


Here is a post from my blog out in the SF Delta in our '82 Day Cruiser. This is Malibu boat number 30. Bought new at the factory in '82.

We love it along with the dogs.


Malibu Boats said...

This is great, Rod! Thanks so much for sharing your blog post. The boat is beautiful and it looks like Chloe loves it too. This is definitely a blast from the past and we love it!