Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Winter Training Paying Off For Dallas Friday

Team Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) Dallas Friday never does anything halfway! Even now, in the off season, she is constantly pushing everyday to better herself and her sport. Check out this video shot and edited by TheWakePlace.com (@TheWakePlace) of Dallas landing some monstrous moves behind her Wakesetter VLX!

Jonathan Pears from TheWakePlace.com had this to say about Dallas and this latest video. "Dallas Friday works hard at her sport, she lives and breathes it as much as she physically can. It has been the coldest winter in Florida for something like 25yrs, and even as we approach April, we are still in wetsuits. But that isn’t stopping riders like Dallas, and as this footage shows - its paying off! This was shot this morning (Tuesday 23rd March) and in the short words from Mike Ferraro you can see how windy it was. The 2 lines that Dallas threw down are insane, a nice jump forward in the female side of the sport for sure!"

Great video, Jonathan! And keep up the hard work Dallas! Where can you possibly go from legendary status? Immortal? Malibu Boats will be pulling for you when you reach it!

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