Monday, March 29, 2010

Malibu Family's New MMA Addition Dominates

Malibu Family's New MMA Edition DominatesMalibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) MMA fighter Shane Carwin (@ShaneCarwin) made his presence known on Saturday night at UFC 111 in Newark, New Jersey. Carwin faced Frank Mir in the Octagon for the UFC Interim Heavyweight Championship.

As the introductions started and the commentator chatter turned to a steady buzz the favorite was made clear. Mir had receive more air time leading up to the fight coupled with a more dramatic entrance. Add this to what seemed to be the confidence of most analysts and it seemed as though Mir had the fight all but won. Carwin however, did not get this memo. He walked out confident and took his place in front of his sponsor banner, which included Malibu Boats and Malibu Dealer Tommy's Slalom Shop, in Octagon waiting for the Mir show to end and the big show to be begin.

Carwin was introduced to the roar of Team Carwin (#TeamCarwin) while he paced with the Malibu Boats logo in the background. The rest of the Malibu Boats family cheered from a pay-per-view vantage points.

Carwin continued to show the past champ respect until the battle began. Then he morphed into the "Beast" that Team Carwin knows as their favorite fighter. And this guy is the reason #TeamCarwin is still one of the main trending MMA topics on Twitter this morning.

The two men started the first round measuring each other and tangling against the cage. Carwin passed his infamous 1:40 mark and did not turn to dust. They fought on and at 3:30 Carwin turned on the power that he is known for pummeling Mir with 22 unanswered shots to the head and shoulders. The battle was called at 3:48. Carwin was declared the winner by knockout.

Carwin's confidence was humbled as he took the mic after the fight and admitted he was speechless. It had been a year since he stepped into the Octagon. All of that preparation, hard work along with the "on again off again" fight dates had made the road long. But as good as this victory felt for Shane, he is the first to say it is only a short stop on the road to Brock Lesnar. His goal of toppling the UFC Heavyweight Champion has never changed. He is focused on that fight now and looking to drop the "Interim" from his title in early July against Lesnar.

Carwin said, "I am honored to represent Malibu Boats in and out of the Octagon. What Malibu Boats and Tommy's Slalom's has done is helped me reach my goals and provide a rewarding escape for my family and friends. After big wins you always hear the athlete saying they are going to Disneyland, for me I am going boating on my Wakesetter VLX."

Malibu Boats is so proud of you Shane! Your abilities in cage are only matched by your integrity and your drive. Keep pushing limits and the next belt will be yours. Congratulations Shane Carwin!

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