Friday, March 5, 2010

Girls Ride the Wake Behind Malibu Boats

Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) has been chosen as the Girls Ride the Wake (@GirlsRideWake) official tow boat. With the 2010 event scheduled for July 31st & August 1st at Camp Far West Reservoir near Wheatland, CA, Becky Carter from Girls Ride the Wake is working hard to plan big wake activities and fun for the girls.

Stay tuned to the Girls Ride the Wake Facebook Fan Page for continued updates on this event.

The Girls Ride the Wake event is for girls of all ages and big wake sport skill levels. The list of pro female wake riders attending the event continues to grow. So far there will be pro appearances by Raequel Hoffman, Shawna Hoffman, Shelby Kantar, Jenacee Jackson and Danni Petraitis. These ladies will also be instructing wake clinics during the event.

Information on entry fee amounts and clinic schedules will be posted soon on the Girls Ride the Wake Facebook Fan Page.

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