Monday, March 8, 2010

Friends Discover Boating and Cash-in with Video

Malibu Boat (@MalibuBoats) Owners Justin Spence and Josh Redstone went in partners on a 2008 Wakesetter 23 LSV. The two were new to water sports, when Josh suggested they check out the boats at Malibu Boats Dealer Waterski America in Dallas, TX. They were so impressed by the boats and the way they were treated at WSA, they decided to jump into the world of water sports boats by purchasing a Malibu.

Justin is a freelance commercial video producer. His firm Volition Studios has won awards for commercial spots featuring products and companies like Old Spice, InfoLinks, Capella University, and now Discover Boating. "I'm always on the lookout for contests or companies looking to outsource commercial creation." Justin continued, "I came across the Discover Boating opportunity and jumped on it."

Justin and Josh put their new found passion for water sports into a commercial and entered it into the i-Discovered Boating Video Contest. Justin and Josh's commercial was one of four video ads chosen as "i-Discovered Boating" winners. Justin and Josh received $5000 for their commercial.

Justin and Josh "Discovered Boating" in a Malibu and what they found out is that both of them and their wives love water sports like wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Josh even throws his slalom ski on and takes a few cuts behind the boat. "We surf and wakeboard, but I still like to ski too," Justin explained.

Justin and Josh were just beginners when they bought their Malibu, but they have wasted no time improving their skills. The two purchased the boat as a partnership and most times they go out in a group on Joe Poole Lake in South Dallas. This group also includes some friends that happen to be amazing riders. These seasoned veterans like Matt Sherstad are psyched about the wakeboard boat choice their friends made. They agree the 23 LSV is a phenomenal boat for wakeboarding. They are very impressed with "Monkey Fish Frog" and its wake. By the way, Justin and Josh named their '08 Wakesetter "Monkey Fish Frog" after a South Park episode.

The "Monkey Fish Frog" crew have all benefited from the versatility and superior perfromance of the Wakesetter 23 LSV. They all appreciate the customizable wake enhancement they can achieve with the Malibu. "We love the electronic ballast and the Power Wedge. The electronics, in general, are great!" Justin told us. "Josh and I can do 360s as well as clear the wake and our wives now love to surf!" Justin concluded, "We have all progressed behind the Malibu."

We would like to thank Justin and Josh for including their Wakesetter in the winning video and congratulate them on this great accomplishment. Way to go y'all! Keep having fun on the lake.

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