Thursday, March 25, 2010

Malibu Boats Dealer Excellence in NC

Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) Dealer Grandpa's Marine in Greensboro, NC was recently recognized by a new Malibu boat owner as an outstanding boat dealer. Here's some of what Ralph Bentley had to say about his Malibu boat buying experience and his dealings with Grandpa's Marine.

I am send you this emailing to applaud your Malibu dealer “Grandpas Marine” located here in Greensboro North Carolina.

“Today my family and I are proud owners of a 247 LSV Malibu Boat and we are so glad to be an active part of your Malibu Boating Family.”

I am a Design/Development Engineer in Automotive Electronics. I am solely driven by superiority of mechanics and specifications, which are just plain part of my very nature. Details, details, details!

I became annually haunted by PowerBoat Magazine’s Award for Product Excellence consistently being awarded to Malibu Boats. Every year! But what really infatuated me was the innovative mechanics and awe-inspiring design details within the Malibu advertisements that became immediately imprinted deeply within my mind and inter-being; never letting my mind rest.

With that said; I decided to see for myself these manufactured miracles hence the beginning of my experience with your Malibu team of excellence in Greensboro.

Upon my initial phone call with Jimmy Holyfield and Mike Fahnestock every question and point of interest was thoroughly explained and defined fully satisfying my factual computing minds eye. We set up a meeting.

My first visit to Grandpas Marine was after hours and with Allen Brown. Upon meeting Allen it quickly became apparent that not only did Jimmy and Mike know their stuff but Allen was their equal. Allen’s personality quickly positioned him as the brother I’d never known; honest down to earth and extremely knowledgeable easily and seamlessly blending mine and Malibu’s best interest into one working reality.

I would have to say Allen is an invaluable asset to your organization and I credit my new boat ownership directly back to his incredible knowledge of these boats and their capabilities. The expertise of which Allen has handled himself thru-out this sale/acquisition could not have been bettered. Every request has been met with an intense drive to provide 110% customer satisfaction and if not possible Allen has diligently explained why and what other options exist. He has represented Malibu with a face of distinction solely upholding the honor and integrity that the Malibu nomenclature name plate demands.

Allen has supervised the rigging and installation of extra options we’ve had added to this boat package with the same critical watchful veracity I personally demand just as if this was his own boat.

The actual Malibu purchase is another historical first for me and my family actually being a pleasurable experience made so by Grandpas financial guy Mike Fahnestock. I have to say this is the first time I’ve completed a purchase of this magnitude and not afterwards had flash back moments of ice water rushing thru my veins every time the thought crossed my brain of “What Did I Just Do?” Mike diligently worked to assure we were given the best choices and coverage’s that met our family and boating needs.

Limited involvement with owner Jimmy Holyfield has revealed an owner/manager who truly knows how to manage his business and staff while encouraging Allen and Mike to uphold his personal values in symmetry with those of their customers.

Please accept our most heartfelt thank you for making this boat buying experience memorable as well as wonderful by having this caliber of preeminence represented by the Grandpas Marine Dealership handling your Malibu products.

Ralph, Deb, John and James
The Bentley’s

Thank you so much for taking the time to write and send this great email, Ralph! We are extremely proud of Grandpa's Marine and the entire Malibu Boats Dealer Network for the high level of sales and service they practice. It's all in the Malibu Family! Have fun this summer in your Wakesetter 247 LSV and send us some pics!

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