Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Derome Brothers Forge Into The Future With Malibu

Raphael Derome

Olivier Derome

Canada's top brotherly duo has renewed their commitment with Malibu Boats and are fired up for the 2012 season ahead. Raphael and Olivier Derome will be rocking a brand-new Wakesetter 22 MXZ through Aqua Sport Marine on their private lake in Quebec, Canada and will also be waiving the Malibu flag at pro events, clinics and demos worldwide.

Raphael, a former "Rail Master" award winner, is the younger sibling and is enjoying his recovery from an injury last season. "I'm excited to get back riding behind my Malibu, which is something I really missed last year," Raphael said. "I already have a few European trips planned, and you'll also be able to find me on the King of Wake Tour this summer."

"Malibu is a great company and it shows, as they are the leading boat brand in the industry," Olivier said, who is currently ranked 10th on the King Of Wake Tour. "I'm looking forward to riding at home, as well as finishing Slingshot's team video, Lipsmack, which will release in May. After that, it's back on the King Of Wake Tour."

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