Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Canadian Industry Legend Chooses Malibu

Much love to Bryan Gardner and his cousin Mark Fullerton of Muskoka, Canada, who are proud new owners of a 2012 VTX and VLX through Gordon Bay Marine. Gardner, former team rider for Hyperlite and founding editor of SBC Wakeboard Magazine, is also known as one of Canada's "Top Ten Most Influential People in Wakeboarding."

Gardner hosting Wakestock in 2000
Currently a producer of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada, Gardner is psyched to spend his free time in a Malibu this summer. "I chose the VTX to enjoy with family and friends at our cottage. We needed a boat that can do it all from wakeboarding to wakesurfing, teaching kids and loading up the family for a cruise," Gardner said. "It's been a long time since I've been this excited. I'm ecstatic to rekindle a relationship with Malibu because they were such a major part of my wakeboarding career."

Soul session in 2001
This knowledgeable industry guru chose Malibu for several reasons. "The purchase process was an adventure and a joy that will be near my thoughts every time I turn the key in my new boat. I give full credit to Mark Gibbs and the Gordon Bay Marine staff for their excellent product knowledge, obvious work ethic, passion for this business and easygoing sales approach. It's clear to me that Malibu and all its associates have stood the test of time with a philosophy that holds quality products and sincere relationships in the highest regard. It's everything I cherished about them during my time as an athlete and journalist in the industry."

There is no doubt Gardner will remain passionate about wakeboarding for a long time. "The excitement of the Malibu experience is about as close as anyone could get to discovering the fountain of youth. All I can say to that is, thank you."

Gardner's VTX and Fullerton's VLX at the 2012 Toronto Boat Show


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