Sunday, February 19, 2012

Europe and Africa Wakeboard/Wakeskate Championships

After the buzz of Malibu's all-new 22 MXZ hit worldwide, it was now time for the boat to prove itself through the rigors of a contest weekend. And Malibu was excited to pull the European & African Championships for the first time -- an event that includes multiple divisions with riders of different skills and varieties like wakeskating.

U.K. Team Captain Sam Carne was a favorite coming into the event and he stomped his runs in the Open Mens division. "The competition was impressive," Carne said. "It was definitely the highest level of riding we've seen in the EA Championships and it was awesome to see a decent size crowd for the finals."

Many riders, including Carne, agreed the MXZ took care of business. "It was my first experience with the boat and I was totally blown away by it," Carne said. "We had a huge wake consistently from start to finish, which is why the level of riding was as high as it was. Shape-wise, it's a perfect blend for all varieties of riding styles. You can charge it and not worry about it curling over and yet it's got a huge kick to it that sends you straight up for more technical tricks."

Feb. 18, 2012

1. Sam Carne        GBR    67.22
2. Dominik Hernler        AUT    59.44
3. Shaun Faccio        RSA    59.00
4. Nikita Martyanov        RUS    57.11
5. Yann Michel Calvez    FRA    53.89
6. Clayton Krause        RSA    49.67

All other results:

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