Friday, December 3, 2010

Best Malibu Christmas Stories Win RC Boat Under the Tree

We started the tradition of sharing Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) Family Christmas Stories several years ago during the first Malibu Boat Rockin' Christmas Event and we want to keep it going this year with your stories. Submit your Malibu Christmas Story by December 15, 2010 and you may have a chance to put a Malibu boat under the tree. A remote control Malibu boat that is. We are giving away three remote control Malibu boats to the top three Malibu Christmas stories.

Do you have a family Christmas story that’s told over and over especially during the Holiday Season? I’m talking about the kind of story that new friends and family members are excited to hear and then retell as a statement of their place in the family’s inner circle. We have retold a few great stories like these over the years for some of our Malibu Family members. Remember the great Christmas story from Idaho Watersports customers the Taylor's. They surprised the kids with a Malibu boat on Christmas morning. Or how about Sabrina Dierksen, Wilson Watersports, customer who surprised her husband with the Malibu boat of his dreams. Then there was the Isner Family from Seattle who surprised their dad on Christmas morning with a wakeboard boat that would help him really do a back roll. These are all great stories, but we know there are more out there.

We're hoping the incentive of adding a Malibu boat under the tree might encourage some of you to share your stories with us. A remote control Malibu boat, that is. Malibu Boats is prepared to send a new remote control Malibu boat to each of the three best Malibu Family Christmas story authors.

Post your stories on the Malibu Boats Facebook Fan Page, add them to the Malibu Christmas Story thread on or email them to These stories can be about anything that is Malibu Boats and Christmas related. Have you every taken your Malibu out on Christmas? That could be a great story. Was your family surprised with a Malibu boat on Christmas? That could be another fun tale to tell. Or maybe you have a story about another way you enjoyed your Malibu boat during the Christmas season. Have you towed your boat in local Christmas parade? We would love to read any and all of these stories. There is no length requirement, make these stories as long or as short as you see fit. They will be judged on content not composition. The three best stories, as judged by a panel from the Malibu Boats Factory, will be rewarded with one remote control Malibu boat each. Eligible story entries must be received by December 15th, 2010.

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