Monday, December 13, 2010

Malibu Boats Has the Touch For 2011

Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) is introducing the Malibu Touch Command touch screen for 2011.

The new Malibu Touch Command (MTC) is amazing on many different levels especially function, innovation and price. This dash screen allows you to control everything from ballast tank levels to Power Wedge position to interior and exterior lighting with a touch. Developed with Projective Capacitive Touch Technology typically reserved for high-end personal digital devices, you won’t find a feature like MTC in a high performance car let alone anywhere else in the boating industry. All of this and the MTC with Keyless Ignition is included on all 2011 Wakesetters and Sunscapes as well as the Response LXi and FXi at no extra charge. Get your fingers on a Malibu boat to experience MTC today.

Paul Singer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Malibu Boats, had this to say about the new Malibu Touch Command. "We're not going to lie, we like to keep everyone playing catch up, but our real joy comes from giving our customer our very best." Singer explained, "At some point, the force of innovation overtakes the laws of convention. In the 2011 Malibu line that point is on the dash, which is featuring the first ever 6.5" touch screen for control of a myriad of performance and safety systems. We call it MTC or Malibu Touch Command. We think you’ll call it amazing."

Malibu Boats is making boating easier and more fun with touch-sensitive switching based on intuitive hi-res graphical menus of the boat’s functions. Easily navigate control of Malibu Launch System (MLS) ballast levels in as many as four different areas of the boat with MTC. Command as much as 1450 pounds of hard tank sub-floor ballast. Normally left wondering which switch controls what light? With Malibu Touch Command interior and exterior boat lighting can be turned on and off, theatre style, with a touch of the desired lighting zone. Control the available Patented Power Wedge position. Deploy, adjust or stow the wake-making reverse hydrofoil. Accessories like heaters, blowers, and bilge pumps can also be easily controlled through MTC. Navigate new waters with available GPS. Even start your Malibu without a key thanks to the coded keyless ignition system.

Forget the keys. Go ahead. You won’t need them in a 2011 Malibu boat. Almost all Malibu boat models have keyless ignition standard. Type in your code, touch the “Start Engine” icon and motor. No more worries about getting to the lake and forgetting the keys. Malibu’s got you covered.

Get in touch with your local Malibu Boats dealer to experience the 2011 models and features like Malibu Touch Command. Malibu is pushing the limits of wakeboard and ski boats, get on board.

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