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The Taylor Family's Malibu Boat Christmas Story

ZacTaylor Skiing Behind His Christmas GiftWe started the tradition of sharing Malibu Boats (@MalibuBoats) Family Christmas Stories last year during the Malibu Boat Rockin' Christmas Event and we are keeping it going this year with fun family stories like this one from the Taylors.

Do you have a family Christmas story that’s told over and over especially during the Holiday Season? I’m talking about the kind of story that new friends and family members are excited to hear and then retell as a statement of their place in the family’s inner circle. Well the Taylors of Burley, Idaho have a family Christmas story like this. It’s a story they have told time and again for the past five years. They continue to tell it and those close to them demand the repeats because it is a story of true joy and family togetherness. This Christmas tale begins with a mother and father’s desire to bolster their family time with a surprise gift and it ends with a family completely surprised by a Malibu boat.

Derlin and Nancy Taylor were looking for a family activity to invest in back in 2005. They have a large family and enjoy spending time together. On a trip to Costco Derlin and Nancy were approached by a friend who offered them half interest in a Sun Valley timeshare. It definitely qualified as a family investment and they were excited about the possibility, but they quickly realized the condo would not accommodate their entire family. So that was out.

Two weeks before the Christmas of 2005, Derlin took a trip to Idaho Water Sports (@IdahoWaterSport)to rent a pair of snow skis for his son-in-law. While he was waiting in the dealership Derlin took a stroll over to the new Malibu boats for a peek. What he found was a red and white 21-foot Sunsetter 21 XTi complete with a decked-out wakeboard tower including all the bells and whistles.

Being a family of skiers the Taylors preferred a direct-drive boat and when he noticed the engine location in this XTi he was intrigued. After talking with the owner of Idaho Water Sports (@IdahoWaterSport), Gordy Hansen, Derlin also found out that this boat was one of the same models featured in the 2005 Malibu Boats brochure. It was already famous and Derlin decided to make it a star in his family too. He and Gordy made a deal for the boat that day and part of that agreement included Christmas morning delivery. The Taylor Family would be getting a Malibu boat for Christmas.

This had the makings of the best surprise ever for the Taylor family, but Derlin wanted it to be perfect. He had already set the stage for the surprising gift exchange with his wife Nancy. The two had agreed not to give each other gifts this year. So she wouldn’t be expecting anything, let alone a present like this one. Another detail that gave this surprise the making of “Best Ever” for the Taylors was the entire family was going to be with them for Christmas. Derlin explained, “My wife and I had agreed to not give each other gifts in 2005 because we were having our entire family home for Christmas which included 5 children, 4 in laws and [then] 8 grandchildren.” And this crew of 18 was completely surprised.

Gordy provided Derlin with a copy of the 2005 Malibu Boats brochure so he could place it under the tree for his wife to unwrap on Christmas morning. He marked the page of their new Sunsetter 21 XTi with a short note, wrapped the hardback Malibu book and hid it behind all of the other gifts. Derlin waited, for what seemed like an eternity, for Christmas to arrive and then even longer for his wife to get to her gift under the tree.

Finally, they had opened all of the gifts, but there was one left. Derlin handed it to Nancy and her displeased look prompted him to explain. Remember, they weren’t supposed to exchange gifts. “It’s just a book,” he said. She looked a little relieved, but still puzzled as she unwrapped the present. And now she had the whole family’s attention. Everyone was very curious. When the ripped paper revealed the cover of the Malibu Boats brochure, she screamed and immediately focused on Derlin for conformation. Did she really just unwrapped a Malibu boat for Christmas? He responded by directing her to the marked page and there she read his note, “Go look in the driveway.”

The entire Taylor family bolted for the driveway to get a look at their collective Christmas gift. Nancy and their five children, Brian, Cory, Derik, Jenny, Lindsay along with their husbands and wives converged on the Malibu. Derlin described the scene, “Everyone was screaming and yelling and when they saw the boat in the driveway they all ran out, got in it, turned up the stereo and danced. What a Christmas!”

When we asked Derlin why he chose to give his family a boat for Christmas this is how he responded. “We have been a water skiing family from the beginning and all our children ski.” Derlin continued, “Because it is such a family activity we consider our boat to be an investment in family togetherness.”

Thank you for sharing your Malibu Christmas Story, Taylor Family. Yours is one of our favorites.

If you have a Malibu Boat-related Christmas Story would like to share with us, please e-mail with your stories and photos.

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Amanda said...

Thanks, Malibu, for featuring our family again our your blog. We continue to enjoy our boat and the family memories keep piling up. Dad and Mom do a wonderful job to keep our family close and happy. Skiing brings us together from all over Idaho and Utah and our Malibu has been a big part of that. We snow ski all winter in Sun Valley but we can't wait for the ice to melt on the Snake River to get the boat wet. Thanks again! ---Derik