Saturday, May 30, 2009

Team Malibu's Chad Sharpe Explains Vlog Set-up

Watson, Smith, Sharpe from chad Sharpe on Vimeo.

We were hanging out on Twitter the other day keepin' an eye on the tweets from our friends and noticed a short one from Malibu Boats Pro Team Rider Chad Sharpe (@chadesharpe). Chad announced he was adding video to his blog in cooperation with Ronix Wakeboards. So we checked it out!

If you're into riding and following Chad and his buds, this is the blog for you. He is creating regular updates so you don't have to wait long between video posts. And these clips will definitely get you your riding fix until you can get back on the water. Once you do... you'll have a whole new set of tricks to attempt from watching Chad and the guys. Chad is so dedicated to his new vlog he edited and commented on this newest video post while on the plane to Fort Worth, TX where the first Pro Tour Stop is taking place today and tomorrow.

We shot Chad a tweet (@chadesharpe) to get the particulars on the set-up he is using to capture, edit and post his videos, just in case any of you riders out there want to do the same. He is shooting with "an old vx2000"(Sony HandyCam DCR vx2000) as he describes it. He is using MAC iMovie to edit and he is posting the videos to his Vimeo channel. "I'm working on getting a better camera and Final Cut," Chad informed us. He explained, "The quality is killing me right. Workin' on it."

Thanks for the info Chad. We'll keep our eyes on your vlog watching for more cool clips and the addition of your new equipment and software. Take care and good luck in Fort Worth this weekend.

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Eric Housh said...

Loving the blog, keep it up. BTW- Chad's twitter is @chadesharpe.

Malibu Boats said...
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Malibu Boats said...

I just made this change. thanks for the heads-up Eric. And thanks for commenting on our blog.

Just checked out ( Ticket Biscuit for the first time. Really cool! I sent the link to our Malibu Boats Event Director.

We're follwoing you on Twitter now too. @ticketbiscuit (

Thanks, Again.