Saturday, August 16, 2008

Video on the New MaliView Dash System

Just posted this short 1.5 minute video featuring MaliView, our new optional 6.5" dash system. This short clip gives you an idea of how this innovative dash component looks and functions in real life. To experience MaliView first-hand visit your nearest Malibu Boats dealer. Go to and click the "Dealer Locator" button.

Malibu Boats is offering you "a dash with a view" in most of the 2009 model line-up. MaliView is an optional 6.5" color LCD system that allows you to graphically control, monitor and customize almost every boat function. This new in-dash LCD also gives you the ability to watch video in the boat. Play instructionals, music videos, movies even the Malibu Boats DVD. MaliView supports almost any device with video and audio out RCA connections. Talk about changing your point of view. The possibilities are endless with this latest Malibu innovation.

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