Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cool 21 vRide Color Combination

Malibu Boats' customization touches all of our boat models, including those on the "entry" level. We spotted this 2009 21 vRide going through production the other day and had to snap a few photos. This boat was built for a customer in Canada and ordered through Wizard Lake Marine. They took the new Ride gel coat style and put their own twist on it adding Silver Metallic, which is an option. The boat looks sick!

Take a look at collection of 21 vRide photos we have placed on Flickr.

We have also seen some Ride boats go through with another panel of Ebony where this Silver Metallic is. So the boat is all black except the deck and the hull base. That looks really good too.

We will continue to share cool color combinations we see on the factory floor so you can have some examples when you are building your new Malibu boat.

To learn more about the 2009 21 vRide check out the August issue of the Malibu Boats E-newsletter.

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