Friday, August 8, 2008

New European Record for Will Asher reported that having already picked up the US Masters and two wins on the US Pro Tour, Team Malibu Slalom Pro, Will Asher, continued his outstanding form this season at the British National Championships by running the 10.25 metre line length for the first time in his career.

Will then came back on the unbelievably short 9.75 metre line to post the best score of the season anywhere in the World this year managing to get his ski out round buoy one and hooking back up on the boat to complete the full buoy score. Unbelievable skiing from an athlete at the top of his game.

Here's a 2008 Team Malibu video that included Will Asher, as well as, other Team Malibu skiers and barefooters.

Congratulations, Will!

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