Thursday, August 21, 2008

Malibu Wakeboard Wednesdays in Illinois

For the past four years, Kief’s Reef near Burtons Bridge, Illinois has hosted Wakeboard Wednesday. Long-time Malibu Boats Dealer, Munson Ski and Marine in Volo, Illinois brings out a Malibu wakeboarding boat and all the gear. Patrons sign a waiver and put up $15 for all the wakeboarding they can handle. It starts about 1 p.m. and continues until sunset, but patrons should call (1-888-488-BOAT) or e-mail Munson’s to find out available times.

“It’s a good day out of the boat shop,” said Don Schnurr II, Munson’s pro-shop manager who also sells Malibu boats. “We get a couple sales out of it a year. It’s all about enjoying the sunshine.”

Lakemoor resident Shannon Ronkoske stopped by Wednesday on her lunch hour. She said her 30th birthday was coming up and she wanted to try something new.

Read more about Wakeboard Wednesdays on the Northwest Herald Web Site.

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