Thursday, April 18, 2013


Interview with Tim Walters of Liquid Force (West Coast Sales)
What was your perspective on SURF GATE FIRSTHAND?
From my perspective, the event was a first class ticket with extraordinary hospitality from the crew at Malibu Boats. Being able to indulge in boating with a diverse group of people from a broad variety of action sports heritage was a treat. Furthermore, when the venue is at a private lake in Southern California’s Wine Country, you start to ask yourself how you made it on the short-list on invitees.”

What was your reaction to winning the MVP award? 
I was incredibly honored to be singled out among wake veterans and peers as someone who contributed to the success of this unique event. It was a very kind gesture to say the least.

What are your thoughts on SURF GATE after experiencing it firsthand?
The SURF GATE technology has really pushed wakesurfing’s creativity and performance when it comes to user-friendly waves. SURF GATE creates the longest, largest, cleanest wave I have ever ridden behind a boat. It was so good that I was able to surf up and down the wave on my wakeboard without a rope!

How will SURF GATE make an impact on your Liquid Force customers?
Since the boat can be weighted symmetrically, this makes it easier to drive, decreases wear on the drive train and no longer requires passengers to pile onto one side of the boat. They can also transition from wakeboarding to wakesurfing surfing in seconds, and change sides in a snap. This makes my job easier and adds to the enjoyment for all. WAKESETTER’s with SURF GATE are really a dream come true!

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