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Industry Gurus Collaborate On And Off The Water
SURF GATE FIRSTHAND was a collaborative, on-water event hosted by Malibu Boats on April 8-9, 2013 to enhance and improve the activity of wakesurfing on all levels.
As the pioneer of the revolutionary SURF GATE system, Malibu’s staff conducted a day on the water with 20 wakesurfing participants and many more in attendance. The goal was to have fun while collaborating about the sport of wakesurfing and the products used to enhance the activity. Awards we’re handed out for “Best Transfer,” “Best Slam,” “MVP,” and “Most Improved.”
Spirits were up on the water and enthusiasm was running high on both days. Some people were experiencingSURF GATE for the first time and were impressed with the functionality. In the round-table discussion session, breakout groups came up with various ideas for competitions, and improving wakesurfing in every way possible.
All in all, there is no question that wakesurfing is a huge part of what is happening on the water these days, and this process proved invaluable to preserve the vitality of wakesurfing. Malibu is committed to creating the best environment for wakesurfing and to push the sport to levels that nobody thought were possible.
Malibu Boats CEO Jack Springer was impressed with the result of SURF GATE FIRSTHAND, “Remarkable! That’s what comes to my mind,” Springer said. “The concept was simple, yet this far exceeded any expectations we set. The participants were fantastic and I have not been around so many great attitudes at an event like this in a long time. The excitement was palpable, performances were extraordinary in trying conditions. Malibu is committed to producing the best boats for wakesurfing and we value the opinions of our industry experts. With SURF GATE FIRSTHAND, we wanted to get people behind our boats and have a great time while pushing the future of wakesurfing. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result and especially the enthusiasm from all who attended.”
Brian Grubb enjoys the sizable SURF GATE wave.
(L-R): Chad Borba (Best Slam), Sean Mattison (Most Improved), Josh Sleigh (Best Transfer), Tim Walters (MVP).
“Group 1″ docks their WAKESETTER 23 LSV after ripping SURF GATE.

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