Monday, September 17, 2012

Chad Sharpe Scores Cover Of Wake Journal #81

Cover story by Kevco
After nearly 15 years at the top of the pro riding food chain, there’s a reason Chad Sharpe is still making it. Young rippers have emerged and Chad has felt the squeeze, but that hasn’t stopped him from maintaining the best lifestyle in the world.
“I’m here to work.” Chad said after the first day of the 2013 Malibu Boats catalog shoot in North Carolina – not a comment you’ll typically hear from a pro wakeboarder. After a day of photo shoots, filming and new product testing, Malibu’s staff noticed Chad has become more than just a rider. He contributes to the success of the overall mission and is genuinely concerned with the performance of the products he uses and wants to make that experience better for everybody who buys them as well.
People who get the chance to meet Chad always say they’re surprised how nice he is. That’s probably because his edgy, Canadian bad boy image has them a bit intimidated. If you get on his bad side, you’ll regret it. But treat him right and you’ll have a friend for life. If you’re in Orlando, you can get a great deal on a private lesson with Chad, just e-mail
Chad also seems to have a much better grip on his temper these days. The Pointless crew used to have standing bets over how far Chad would fling his helmet after his last fall in a contest. These days, you might see a dramatic unbuckle and vicious wind up, but no actual helmet whip.
After talking to him in depth about his current outlook, it’s obvious Chad’s love for wakeboarding has finally won over any frustrations that arise. “I love wakeboarding because of the all the different possibilities,” Chad said. “whether it’s riding behind my boat with the wake jacked up on a hot glassy day or sessioning a rail, taking turns and cheering each other on. Or, just a fun kicker sesh blasting airs. I also love the amazing places wakeboarding has taken me and the awesome people I’ve met along the way. This sport has introduced me to many of my best life long friends.”
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