Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inside Will Asher’s New World Record Tie

All photos: Thomas Gustafson
Excerpt from Todd Ristorcelli at WATERSKI Magazine
The most competitive round of men’s slalom is officially in the record books. For the first time in the history of the sport, three men have rounded all six buoys at 41 off in a single tournament round. Swiss Nation 2, one of the last events of 2012, was held at Swiss Ski School in Clermont, Florida, on Nov. 11, and Will Asher became the second man in the world to run 2 at 43 off, setting a pending jointly held world slalom record. “I had a great start at 43, my best ever,” Asher says. “I finally got the ski on edge long enough to have some time to finish 1; then I laid the hammer to get to 2.”
That stellar performance was the second time this season that Asher has tied Chris Parrish’s world record, although his first experience of rounding two buoys at 43 off, which he did at a record event at Jack Travers’ Ski School in Groveland, Florida, couldn’t be approved, because there were technical issues with the boat camera.
The month of November, which is usually scarce for tournaments, let alone world records, proved great for shortline skiing. With water temperatures in the mid-70s, some skiers say that the cooler temperatures allow better glide and require less effort compared to warmer summertime water temps that can hinder cross-course width. Asher also credits his equipment. “The A3 has given me more time in the course and several different turning options. I can now turn from high and early or low and late,” he says. “And of course skiing behind a Malibu RESPONSE TXialways gives me an advantage.”
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Will Asher rounds 2 ball at 43 off at the Swiss Nation 2 tournament to set a pending jointly held world record.

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