Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WATERSKI Mag Editor Praises All-New TXi

Making its debut at the Malibu Open in early August, the all-new Response TXi made an immediate impact, pulling slalom champion Will Asher into 41 off. Besides the TXi's proven high-end performance, the new T Cut Diamond Hull will accommodate different levels of skiers as well, by taming the flow of water to allow smoother wakes at slower speeds and longer line lengths. And customers can also expect the finest styling and plush amenities Malibu is known for. In essence, every skier will feel connected to more than just the rope.

Todd Ristorcelli, Editor of WATERSKI Magazine has skied behind every new ski boat in the last 15 years and was very impressed with the 2012 TXi. "Malibu must have had big-time confidence in their new Response TXi, by immediately launching it to the competitive scrutiny of the Malibu Open," Ristorcelli said. "The result: flawless performance. The boat's innovative running surface produces pillow-soft wakes for skiing's elite as well as for advancing longline skiers looking for every competitive edge they can get." Look for the TXi to be featured in a three-page gatefold advertisement in WATERSKI's Winter, 2011 issue, which will arrive in time for Orlando's SURF EXPO in early September.


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